how to log out of google account on android

You will remain logged in unless you explicitly log out or quit the browser in which you were signed in to your Gmail or Google account. 

If you don’t explicitly log out or quit the browser in which you were signed into your Gmail or Google account, you will remain logged in.

In addition, signing in and associating your Google account with a mobile application on your phone does not automatically log you out unless you do it explicitly.

This implies that anyone with access to the device you’re using may read your emails, which is even more dangerous on a public computer. Fortunately, you can always sign out of any gadget you’ve signed into remotely.

Follow the steps below to see and sign out of all gadgets that you are currently signed into:-

  • Simply go to
  • Select ‘Security.’
  • Scroll all the way down to “Your devices”.
  • Select “Manage device”.
  • You may view the gadgets to which you are signed in here.
  • Select “Sign out” by clicking the three vertical dots on the gadget.

Alternatively, you can also accomplish the same task on your phone by heading to ‘Settings,’ moving to ‘Google,’ and tapping on it. In the next section, tap on ‘Security’ and repeat the procedures outlined above.

You may also look at the gadgets you’ve logged out of to see who or what gadget was previously able to use your Google account or Gmail address. 

how to log out of google account

In addition to viewing the gadget from which you are signed in or logged out, you may additionally see the gadget’s location or country on some systems.

This is useful if you were logged in to your relative’s phone or an outdated gadget that you stopped using a long time ago. Please note that you should never choose the option to store your password on a gadget that you do not own.

In case you do save your password on a device that is not yours, remember to reset your password afterwards. Furthermore, you must always activate two-factor authentication on your Google account to keep your data safe and protected.

In rare cases, you may be unable to view the name of the device, but you may see the operating system or web browser that your Gmail or Google account was logged into.

However, the gadget information presented gives you an indication if it is a mobile phone or computer. You may also determine where the gadget to which your Google account is linked is currently located.

This not only helps you recall where you may have signed in, but it also helps you locate the logged-in device if it was not you.