Maj Gen Kyaligonza’s body guards arrested following traffic officers assault

The UPDF Army confirmed the arrest of Rt Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza’s two UPDF body guards who allegedly insulted a traffic officer and a journalist in Mukono on Sunday.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson also said that Maj Gen Kyaligonza will be summoned by police to make a statement and together with his body guards they will be prosecuted in courts of law for the crimes committed.

On Sunday Rt Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza and his two UPDF body guards assaulted a female police officer along Kampala-Jinja high way at Seeta in Mukono district, who had stopped Kyaligonza’s car after making unlawful U-turn.

Bystanders present at the scene made video recordings that shortly went viral on social media which exposed these Army officers misconduct.

Maj Gen Kyaligonza’s Sunday actions attracted public attention and concern and according to the Army they have arrested the two soldiers body guards to answer criminal charges.

“The good news however, is that the UPDF leadership swung into action, and as I speak now those two soldiers have been arrested and are detained at our military police headquarters in Makindye,” Brig Richard Kalemire stated.

Even if the Army has already acted upon the two UPDF soldiers, Enanga says they are arranging criminal charges against them.

“Although the military has gone ahead to charge its officers the two of them, there are also criminal consequences that are supposed to be handled in the civil court. Now this is the reason why we are working with the CMI to bridge this gap and explore the opportunity.”

Enanga says Maj Gen Kyaligonza, will be summoned through the foreign and internal affair Ministries after Sargent Namaganda accused him of slapping her.

“And as a matter of protocol since the Ambassador is mentioned, through the police leadership calls for the summoning of His Excellency the Ambassador Maj Gen Rt Matayo Kyaligonza, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on provable charges of assault and wrongful obstruction of an officer on duty.”

Maj Gen Kyaligonza being the Uganda’s Ambassador to Burundi he reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Brig Richard Kalemire, the UPDF spokesperson said that since Kyaligonza no longer serves in the Army force they don’t have powers of jurisdiction as regards to his case.

“He’s no longer serving; he has a different status. So, that also has to be factored in when we are talking about this incident and how it should be managed. He can’t be handled the same way as these two soldiers we have arrested who are in our regular force.”

Gen Kyaligonza’s bodyguards were also seen assaulting a by stander on Sunday in a recent video that emerged.

The police spokesperson, Enanga relatedly thanked Namaganda for acting professionally and ethically in the Sunday incident.

“She actually acted professional, she didn’t retaliate and right now we are observing her treatment and speed recovery even when the injuries were not so, brave.”

Enanga adds police will as well question Kyaligonza’s driver and cross examine the allegations filed by Peter Otayi, the UBC journalist who claims he was assaulted by Kyaligonza’s bodyguards.

“They stopped the car, they came out and on coming out one slapped me hear (chic).”