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The evening of Sunday 16th September was rather sad and very somber when Makerere University Nsibirwa boys’ hall of residence was struck by calamity after one of their residents committed suicide and was discovered in the evening.

During the whole of last week, Makerere university lecturers through their MUASA umbrella met on  to discuss the way forward as far as their problems are concerned.

The two parties had agreed about several issues last year following a costly strike that saw the closure of the university last for a two months period. Lecturers were ever since “obedient” to the state following the president’s own pledge to work upon their grieves.

A then placed Rwendeire committee was set to unveil its final findings. To-date, the findings remain mysterious as no final report has ever been disclosed to the public even after the headcount of students and government staff within the university.

A lot was promised by government, something that even silenced the striking morale of students as witnessed in this very semester.  The only disturbance in this semester has been the “kogikwatako” which obviously was a public concern but otherwise no other serious strike has been witnessed from students.

November, which is known to students as a “bloody” one has always been the problem solving point not only to students but as well to anyone with grievances within the university. Lecturers, most of whom preferred anonymity voiced out their concern about how the government was urgently responding to non-crucial issues like availing the shs29m to each MP yet there has been and still is a lot of important issues that need urgency.

Among theses is the doctors strike and the salary question to the underpaid civil servants who include teachers, policemen and soldiers among others. Following all these tabled issues, it has been unanimously agreed that the long awaited exams might not be done. Sources reveal that the exams which were to begin next Monday on 27th are not to be issued as a way of sending a message to the government that Makerere’s issues are still unattended to.

The lecturers have agreed to lay down their tools with effect from this Friday and have humbly apologized to students for any losses that will be incurred in the forthcoming industrial action. Similarly, reports from Kyambogo university show that a similar move may be taken despite the fact that their final exams have commenced today