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Prof Nawangwe: Kamunyu’s File Is Rotten Wherever He Has Been

The Makerere lecturers under the staff body MUASA have called off the strike that lasted for close to a month that paralysed University’s activities.

The lecturers ended their strike, after the Friday Council meeting where staff issued strange terms and conditions to the University Administration to address their matters in one-month time period.

This declaration was made by Dan Kidega the University Council’s Vice Chairperson during the Friday general assembly.

“Let’s suspend the strike, cancel it, but we know they are going to meet now, we need an affirmative seal from them.”

Kidega continued to say that they have also dissolved all the committee that were created by Prof Barnabas Nawangwe.

Dr Edward Mwavu the MUASA Vice chairperson while delivering the plan said, by Monday, lecturers will go back to class rooms.

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Adding that they have given the University governing body time to make agreements with Administration to reinstate their suspended members.

“We have suspended the strike for one month to allow Council handle issues they are supposed to handle as a sign of good will.”

Makerere staff also threatened to resume the strike if management fails to address their issues within the one-month time they have stated.

Dr Deus Kamunyu the chairperson MUASA one of the characters that caused this long strikesaid he strongly believes that their matters will be solved.

“For me as one suspended I have full trust in the Council because we agitated for it. And now I would be the last one to doubt it, I would be the last one to doubt it, because we see a wave of change.”

This Council meeting was largely attended by college principals, school deans and department heads that took over two hours.

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe suspended Dr Deus Kamunyu, Makerere Administrative Staff Association chairperson and his General Secretary, Mr Joseph Kalema and Mr Bennet Magara accusing them of inciting staff and misconduct at the start of the semester.

Which has since caused confusion, accusation and counter accusation between staff and the University management as staff demanded their reinstatement claiming they were illegally suspended.

Lorna Magara the chairperson University Council stated that they are going to review the suspension to determine whether they were legally preceded. During the Thursday meeting with the Education Committee of parliament.

While in parliament on Thursday Prof Nawangwe stated that they are to consider extension of the semester period to compensate the lost time during this strike.

For only the affected students saying that some students started studying on the first day of the semester.

“There are those who started on the very day and so there, there is no issue but for those who have lost time, we are going to verify how much time is lost and we recommend to Council that for those, the time lost should be compensated.” 

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