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MC Kats biography
Edwin Katamba better known by his stage name MC Kats is a Ugandan media personality

Edwin Katamba better known by his stage name MC Kats is a Ugandan media personality

Edwin Katamba better known by his stage name MC Kats (age 36 years) is a Ugandan celebrated TV personality, events MCee, TV/Radio presenter, CEO Kats Music, father and music analyst.

Early Life and Education

MC Kats, age 36 years is born to Pastor Juliet Lubanga (mother) and Hajji Sula Lwanga (father) of Mawanda Road, Kamwokya a Kampala suburb.

MC Kats attended Namilyango Primary School, then Busoga College Mwiri for his Secondary School, but he was expelled. He completed ‘O’ Level at Kitante Hill School and ‘A’ Level at Makerere High School.

From Makerere High School, MC Kats joined UMCAT School of Journalism to pursue a Diploma in Journalism and Mass-Communication.

Work and Experience

MC Kats started working on WBS TV at an early age which no longer exists on a show dubbed Teen’s Club. He was 13 years of age during that time, he did the show along with his fellow Teen’s.

From WBS TV, MC Kats headline so many concerts in the country, from Beenie Man’s show, Wizkid’s show, so many international shows and local events that he has worked in as an MC from all over the country and in the diaspora.

MC Kats began his MC career in his S.2. MC Kats during that time carried out the activity in different schools around Uganda and his name began growing slowly.

He was connected by another legendary in the music industry named Mr Mosh, currently working with Galaxy FM.

MC Kats, from WBS TV, joined NTV Uganda for a TV show called NTV Xposed, then after a few years, he joined NBS TV for a show called NBS After 5, which he was later on joined by fellow presenter Douglas Lwanga. A show they conduct until date.

Currently, MC Kats is ranked among the top best and most expensive MC’s in Uganda.


MC Kats family daughters
MC Kats is a father of three sons and three daughters

MC Kats is a father. Earlier he was co-habiting with Singer Fille Mutoni whom he happens to be her music manager but today the two separated over reasons best known to them. Together they have a daughter.

He is a father of three sons and three daughters. Each of his children was, however, born by a different woman.

One of MC Kats child lives in London with the mother whom he says the mother has completely blocked him from seeing. While in London recently he posted and expressed his love for the child whom he had not seen for long.

However, after a long separation with his girlfriend Fille Mutoni, MC Kats in one of the events he was officiating officially announced that he was back with his baby mama songstress Fille Mutoni and promised he will stop at nothing to ensure she stages big concert at Serena come 2020 among other things.

Before the announcement, MC Kats asked the DJ to stop the music so he could make a big announcement.

However, Kats was non-committal on whether they are back as a couple too or just as Kats Music and Fille Music working together for mutual benefit.

After some time, the two confirmed that the reunion was music and look after the child they share.

And to Fille, she promised to ever take care of MC Kats and be there for him forever, because he’s his daughter father and a friend. MC Kats as well promised to continue promoting Fille’s music.

MC Kats Health Status

MC Kats in December last year publically announced that he’s living with HIV/AIDS and not ashamed about it. This was at his celebrity night at frame lounge in Kampala.

He went further and said that his HIV status and pneumonia were the real reasons he was recently admitted to hospital in London.

Clarifying his declaration, MC Kats said that he’s the only one living with the virus but all his children and their mothers are free from HIV/AIDS.

MC Kats announced  living with HIV/AIDS
MC Kats announced living with HIV/AIDS

Rumour had it that MC had run mad and wanted to stub himself, the reason he was admitted to hospital in London something he denied.

“Whoever said I was mad, I was taken into a body machine, a brain-machine and all other processes until the white man said I needed to be discharged because I didn’t have any problem.”

“I refused and told them how they wasted my time because I have pneumonia and AIDS and that’s what they should help me with.”

Following his HIV/AIDS status declaration at New Ham University Hospital in London, Kats said he had to be admitted for further management.

“so base your abuses towards me knowing I’m on international medication. Abuse me if you can afford me. if you can afford a hospital in London, go treat your AIDS, cancer, diabetes in London and call me back. That’s the truth. I have all these things documented and I will put the

Nevertheless, the health status has not put him down and vowed to continue living his life normally.

Some sources claimed Kats did not run mad, it was the autumn cold weather that affected MC Kats during the mixtape party that was held at the Royal Regency. At this time MC Kats used the opportunity to cry his love out for his estranged baby mama Fille Mutoni.

His DJ Buddies in their playlists had lots of File’s songs playing in rotation and notable among them was Sabula that got Kats shouting;

“Fille WEYAYU…. I love u….?

He, however, broke down and went to his knees thanking fans for the overwhelming support. At the mixtape party, Grenade, Fik Fameica and A pass were some of the artists that brought the roof down at The Royal Regency leaving fans yearning for more.

He travelled to the UK for the mixtape party along with Slick Stuart and DJ Roja.

MC Kats holiday in London faced various unfortunate incidents. it all started with Kampala based promoter, side soft, who he accused of stealing his money to the tune of 7 million, it turned out that the promoter is a brother to the recent signee, Shammy K and as expected, MC Kats has cut ties with the ssuupu singer.

MC Kats girlfriend Fille Mutoni
Edwin Katamba with girlfriend Fille Mutoni

MC Kats then returned, rushed to his Social Media platforms and made various unrelated posts that made some of the fans to believe that something is wrong.

In one of the posts, he gave out his Mizigo structures to Rajiv Ruparelia. In another post, he gave one of his plots to Bebe cool who he claims has been his uncle ever since he met Zuena.

MC Kats has been going through a lot lately though his major issues stem from the fact that his baby mama Fille left him something that has greatly affected him.

Just recently, Kats announced that he had resumed managing his baby mama though he made it categorically clear that it was a musical reunion and not otherwise. He plans on organising a concert for Fille at Serena Hotel.

“if I can do so much for Shammy K, why not Fille the mother of my daughter,” MC Kats said while announcing his plans for the Fille Serena concert.”

Recently, the After5 presenter on NBS Television requested whoever can come to his rescue to help him completely quit smoking to come in as quickly as possible.

Through a video clip shared on Social Media, MC Kats explains that he is fed up of using nicotine gum as he reasons that it makes his gums ache. He goes on to beg for nicotine patch as he finds it more suitable for his cure.

Sadly, MC Kats in a video clip cried out for his life saying he’s tired and fed up of the situation he just wants his life back to life again with his children and wife, “I am frustrated”. He was crying.

Truly MC Kats needs help but some people have turned his situation into a joking matter with many uttering wild statements against his status.

Whatever is happening in Kats life today, it’s because he’s depressed, his heart is overwhelmed, traumatised and needs help, he needs someone to comfort him and give him confidence.

This is about his unrelated statement he has been giving out on his social media platforms.

Declaring his HIV/AIDS status publically, MC Kats was not prepared for it like the case of Aloysius Matovu Joy, Fille Bongole Lutaaya who proudly mentioned it, although it was sad news.

MC Kats says while in London he did not know what was happening in his life.

“in all my social media posts while in London u saw me crying, I did know what was going on, I was only glorifying God. Saying thank you, Lord, for what he did for me at the show. No one among Ugandan celebrities has ever done what we did in London. So, I was crying and I did not

So, when I returned one of the Uncut (a celebrity gossip show airing on NBS TV) crew member gave me a call asking for an interview to tell the reasons I cried while in London.

I don’t know why I said I was HIV Positive, MC Kats does not remember planning to publicise his 14-year HIV status, he doesn’t know why he said it. However, he said he was tired of people talking about it in secret, so he wanted to make it public.

Narrating the story of MC Kats

Narrating the story MC Kats was not prepared to declare his HIV/AIDS status, he said when the interview with the Uncut member began,

“I told him when you start asking me, you may run crazy. Let me talk, let me tell the story and what’s on my heart, then I said it.”

For MC Kats case it wasn’t out of love but rather anger, depression and he looked to be tied of the situation, felt lonely and neglected. He needs prayers and support from everyone to show him that people still love him other than pointing figures at him because no one knows about tomorrow.

At this point, MC Kats sees that death is what he needs now. In one of his video clips he said he has been taking herbal medicine, he only took ARV’s for two years and stopped, telling God to take him if he wants to because he has even achieved whatever he wanted in life but God has not refused to take his life.

He says he doesn’t know what’s going in his life, he’s confused because God each time tells him different messages. He said whoever he has given his properties should take it without questioning him, “Bebe Cool, Mummy take whatever I’ve given you because I am tired, I don’t need them.”

MC Kats says HIV/AIDS is no longer a big deal as people take it to be, one can live longer so long as he/she takes ARV’s better than cancer and diabetes.

Kats adds that there’s no timeline for one’s death, one can live with HIV/AIDS until God decides to take him/her.

“after Brenda died, I went and informed my mother that do you know that we have AIDS? Brenda died of AIDS.” His mother was the first person he informed and she advised him to go to Mulago Hospital for medical attention.

However, MC Kats says the first treatment he received in his first two years of treatment did not go well with him. He urinated a lot, sweated a lot, he was drinking a lot, working at night and everything was a mess, so he decided to stop taking the medicines.

“I told God if you want to kill me do, so I only took it for a few months and switched to herbal medicine and Septrin only. I started taking ARV’s again just recently when I went to London. In London, the doctors tested my blood and found out that the CD4 count was worrying, but

MC Kats says what hurts him so much at this time is that someone who went to his social media accounts downloaded all the videos including the recent one while at the rehab centre mocking him.

How Edwin Katamba ended up in a Rehabilitation centre

After MC Kats family and friends realised that he’s psychologically stressed, they planned to take him to a mental health facility.

mc kats working at nbs
MC Kats family and friends

He narrates that while at a certain bar in Kampala, someone came and told him that your mother has said that she thinks you are mentally ill, so you need to go and get tested, they had 6 bouncers and DJ Roja’s manager, Spice Diana.

They had come to forcefully take him to the rehabilitation centre if at all he tries to resist. but he instead told them he’s willing to go. “Instead of shaming me before my fans, get me into an ambulance and take me for the tests. Because in London, my mother has all the hospital documents, various tests were done, but nothing was discovered, I was normal.”

“What hurts me is that my mother has all the hospital documents but she decided to hire bouncers to take me to a rehab centre. And Douglas was the mastermind of everything, he didn’t even alert me, at least he would have told me that my friend they are coming for you.”

“I sat inside the ambulance holding my bottle of beer, and I told them to take me. On arrival everything changed, they injected me, took me to a room, feeding me on beans and posho, for a week without seeing my children.”

While at the rehab, MC Kats said he asked his family when coming to visit him at the rehab to at least come along with one of his children, but no one showed up. “It was a visitation day and I was the only one who was not visited.

“I befriended the askari at the rehab centre and asked him to assist him with his phone, I wanted to make a call. I called Fille and asked her did you forget where I was taken? you threw me away or you got tired of me? She replied by saying that she came four times and she was d

MC Kats kept quiet, cried alone in the night wondering how his family have chosen to abandon him? They left me here (rehab centre) without even sugar, toilet paper or soap, I just beg for everything from my neighbours.

He said his family paid 3m to the rehab centre for him to spend one month.

MC Kats escapes from the Rehab Centre

After escaping from the rehab, MC Kats went straight to Pastor Bugembe’s church. He says if he was mad as they have branded him, he would go straight to Bebe Cool or to Chameleon or a bar but someone upright mentally rans to people who are not mad.

“Born Again Christians are not mad people. Because if I had gone to Bebe Cool, they would say look he went to Bebe Cool and he’s boozing again with his mad group. Now here is the man (pastor Bugembe) who is driving me crazy.”

“I planned my escape early in the morning, I counted how many steps I would take to be out. I counted three steps and if I happen to miss out the fourth step, I will be arrested again.”

“It all began after the Askari went to the open the gate for the nurse to leave, and in the process of getting out through the fence I got injured and that’s how I sustained the three wounds I have now. I escaped from rehab because I want to do what God wants me to do.”

At Bugembe’s church, MC Kats also said that UN telephoned his friend and colleague Douglas Lwanga and told him that they want to work with Katamba.

“I told him, Douglas, I still have a lot of things running around my mind just give this January to settle everything. However, MC Kats told Douglas that I don’t want them to drive me their way, I want to focus on the ghetto people, I don’t want to go to those high-class people.”

“If it is the university I want those low-class universities and institutions. And if they want me to go their way, then I am not ready to work with them.”

After he said that he’s going to be staying with Pastor Bugembe until he’s allowed to live his life freely without anyone hunting him down.

Bugembe accepted to keep MC Kats and promised to talk to his mother, his friend Douglas and said that everyone looking for Kats should find him at his house.