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Fille, MC Kats involved in a fight at Fame lounge

Edwin Katamba commonly known as MC Kats a TV presenter is seeking for an emergency help for his lover Fille Mutoni who is about to lose her mind due to excessive drug intake.

Fille’s husband Kats disclosed that Fille is consuming cocaine and other associated drugs at a tremendously high speed.

While on a talk show with Dembe FM, Kats stated that he is viewing Fille’s down fall at a moment because Fille associates with bad company which has corrupted her good characters.

“She needs an urgent help. She no longer listens to me as she used to, she urgently needs someone to talk to her before she runs mad because she is now a drug addict. She uses a drug called ‘Mentho’, many Ugandan artistes take this drug and it has led to their downfall,” Kats observed.

Kats, Fille’s husband thereafter issued a directive to the general public to arrest Fille Mutoni if at all seen around with Andy an Indian who accompanies her in smoking these drugs.

Kats added that he has already filed Fille’s case at old Kampala police station and central police station in Kampala.

He also revealed a numbery of artistes in Uganda who has met their downfall as a result of excessive drug use like Jackie Chandiru who is now under rehabilitation, Jamal, who almost ran mad as a result of drug intake and Qute Kaye who was caught flagrante delicto stealing side mirrors on people’s cars in search for money to buy more drugs and now Fille is now following their footsteps.

More to that, Kats disclosed that Qute Kaye separated with his lover simply because he was excessivelyconsuming these drugwhich had diverted his attention from eating food, wife and family.

Ideally, this explains MC Kats decision to dump Fille, may be because she has turned out to be a star addict of cocaine.