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MC Kats committing suicide
MC Kats Runs Away From Rehab, after an attempt to commit suicide. File Photo

MC Kats reportedly goes missing in the rehabilitation facility after an attempt to commit suicide

His life has become a cyber game, celebrated event host and co-presenter at NBS After 5, MC Kats (born Edwin Katamba) has been missing from the rehab premises where he was taken for further professional assistance for the past few hours after a suicide attempt.

Upon knowing that he can potentially escape the rehab by climbing the facilities walls, MC Kats tried to end his stressful life by committing suicide earlier on.

This was in a video by a social media blogger known as Ashburg Kato, showing that MC Kats had been seen standing at the top of the facility’s wall fence as he continued to call for help.

“Am not coming down, you can call for whoever you want but am not scared,” MC Kats waved off pleas from one of the well-wishers begging him to come down.

Kats then raised an alarm,

“need help, people have taken me when I have done nothing. Am tired of this place.”

Tuff B, his fellow employee at Next Media recently during his Weekly Saturday Celebrity Entertainment Edition dubbed NBS KURT, said that MC Kats had been checked into Rehab by a well-wisher.

“Kats is taken into a Rehab and it’s a well-wisher on this one, “Tuff B revealed during his Saturday afternoon NBS KURT show.

Based on the videos, MC Kats often shared various uncomfortable things on social media, causing the public to wonder if this gentleman was mentally sound.

MC Kats committing suicide
MC Kats Runs Away From Rehab, after an attempt to commit suicide. File Photo

The first blow to the public was when MC Kats came out and said he was diagnosed with the AID virus. This was an alarm for the public to start following him closely on social media.

“I was taken into a body machine, a brain-machine and all other processes until the white man said I needed to be discharged because I didn’t have any problem. After refusing, I told them how they had wasted my time because I have pneumonia and AIDs and that it’s what they should

It is also reported that MC Kats tried to commit suicide at the facility, but this may not have worked for him.

He then resorted to escape from the rehabilitation centre, and there was no way he could be seen around the facility.