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MC Kats in rehab
MC Kats finally accept help to be taken to Rehab for further professional assistance. File Photo

MC Kats finally accept help to be taken to Rehab for further professional assistance

NBS After5 presenter and celebrated Events emcee MC Kats (born Edwin Katamba) in rehab over worrying health condition.

In the context of too much concern about his health status since he declared that he had been diagnosed positive with HIV/AIDS and Pneumonia, MC Kats finally accepted the help to be taken to rehab to obtain health assistance to regain his usual life.

His fellow workmate at Next Media Tuff B, the host of NBS KURT, shared this breaking news. He announced how persistent Mc Kats had finally agreed to the rehabilitation offer paid out in full by a well-wisher.

“Mc Kats has been taken into rehab and it’s a well-wisher on this one, “revealed Tuff B during his Saturday afternoon NBS KURT show.

mc kats fille mutoni has aids
During his Celebrity Night show at Wave Lounge, MC Kats (L) with Fille (R) revealed that he is suffering from Aids.

MC Kats regularly posted about his health on social media platforms and even revealed his legal marriage certificate to fans and followers with his wife Fille Mutoni.

The video was circulated showing the marriage certificate dated 19 June 2014 and, since it was a church marriage, witnessed by Pastor Stephen Abiriga of the Church of Divine Grace.

He has been posting random videos on his Instagram showing off his achievements and random things like a plate of breakfast.

So because of the endless ranting posts on MC Kats social media pages from fans and followers about the various pieces of information he has been sharing over the last few days, like many videos of him screaming about depression.

“God keeps telling me to do things, my mind is full and I can’t understand what is going on. My head is about to burst, I don’t know why God is doing this to me. He is making my brain to think many things, I have to do a lot of things, I have to go to ghettos and universities to

MC Kats not only used his social media pages but also used different platforms during his work as an emcee amid his troubled health and mental condition to speak out his mind.

Kats said,

“People are sick and they don’t want to tell the world. The virus is not cancer, not diabetes. It has a solution and there is medicine. This is what I am trying to tell the people but no one seems to understand me but I trust that you will understand me in the future.”

He added,

“I am trying to tell someone out there who has HIV that it is not a crime. Some people have diabetes, some have cancer. There is help, Ministry of Health, Red Cross, come out and educate the masses. Someone might find out that he has HIV and commits suicide.”

We wish you a quick recovery MC Kats.