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Who is MC Mariachi?
Who is MC Mariachi?

Who is MC Mariachi? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, Age, comedy, wife, beef with MC Kapale and family of Charles Kasozi ‘Mr. Portable guy’

Charles Kasozi aka MC Mariachi is one of the talented, trending and fast-growing comedians. Mariachi‘s demand is high and this is seen in various comedy shows he headlines and how he makes the audience especially the ladies to eat out of his palm. 

While on stage Kasozi wears a chatterbox, mad and dramatic persona and the demand for his comedy clips on social media explains the kind of brand he has built for himself. 

Mariachi branded himself as ‘Mr. Portable guy’ because of his slim stature and cracks his jokes in Luganda. 

Fellow comedians like Patrick Salvador rate him as the most talented Luganda comedian and would go places if he was fluent in English. 

MC Mariachi – Education and Background 

The talented Charles Kasozi alias Mariachi comes from the family of Christine Nalwoga and the Late Patrick Muwonge both residents of Nansana in Wakiso district and was born in the family of ten children. Mariachi was born in 1987 and after the passing away of his father mariachi was taken to his uncle’s place Bernard Sserwada who was the local council chairman in Nansana.

The slim portable proud husband of a Musoga woman like how he describes himself grew up in Nansana and when growing up he attended St. Joseph primary school for his primary level.  

After his primary Mc Mariachi joined Nansana secondary school where he studied up to senior two and he dropped out. 

According to Mariachi, he was coming from an extended family and it was hard for her mother to pay fees because his father had passed away and was the person paying school fees for him hence was dropping out of school in senior two.

Mariachi was sent to his uncle’s place still in Nansana who was the local council chairman person after dropped out of school and while at Mr Bernard Sserwada’s place his uncle, Mariachi started doing all kinds of jobs as a way of earning a living at his tender age.

mc mariachi at comedy store
Mariachi got a chance to link up with MC Kapale who mentored him and also helped him in shaping his craft.

MC Mariachi – Comedy career 

Since he had dropped out of school, Mariachi started jumping on to promotion trucks that could come in Nansana to promote products. He used to get this opportunity whenever the Mcs on these promotion trucks took a break and he would grab a microphone and say something stupid and irrelevant. 

After doing this for a while Mariachi started getting gigs in bars such as Big zone bar in Nansana and he could only be rewarded a drink and transport refund. 

From bar gigs, Mr. portable joined the karaoke because it was paying more and in 2009 he received a call from a one Kasule junior who offered him a job of being an MC in Fantasies Entertainment and this company used to do comedy and karaoke in various places.

During his time at Fantasies, Entertainment Mariachi got a chance to link up with MC Kapale who mentored him and also helped him in shaping his craft. They both worked together for five months but Mariachi decided to go sorrow because he wanted to be his boss. 

Mariachi slowly moved up the ladders until he became the trending and most loved comedian in Uganda.

Mariachi – Comedy shows

Mariachi has performed on various shows that have elevated him to the next level and proved his creativity but most of these stages are locally based because of the kind of comedy he does and his lack of fluency in English.

  • Comedy store – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, current 
  • King of comedy -2018
  • Comedy files -2014
  • Battle of comedy -2016
  • Akandolindoli at Bat valley theatre- 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Entujo ya Easter- 2017


  • Zzina awards – Best comedian 2018
  • Buzz teen’s awards – Best comedian 2018


  • Zzina awards – Best comedian 2019
mc mariachi biography introduced by wife
In 2018 Mariachi went to Busoga where he was introduced by his wife in a ceremony that rocked the nation.

Mc Mariachi family

Mc Mariachi married a lady called Bogere Mirembe who is a Musoga by tribe and they have three children together. In 2018 Mariachi went to Busoga where he was was introduced by his wife in a ceremony that rocked the nation. 

Mirembe says they meant in 2005 and since then they started seeing each other until they decided to move in together.


Since the day he broke all the odds and made it to the top of the comedy industry, Mariachi has been beefing with his mentor MC Kapale

Mariachi started outshining his mentor Kapale and Kapaale has come out directly and attacked Mariachi saying that he didn’t appreciate him for what he did for him and he went ahead to copy his style of comedy. 

But the fact is these two former friends do the same kind of comedy but the only difference is that Mariachi is more creative than Kapaale and he does not repeat his jokes more often like how his mentor MC Kapale does.

In 2017 the comedian came up with a joke about the Muslim community and he thought he will end up receiving a paycheck but the situation turned nasty when the top Muslim clergy advised him to flee the country otherwise he was to face it rough. Everything backfired for the comedian when the Kibuli based Muslim fraction rejected his apology.

Mariachi was quick to sense danger and he escorted by other comedians to Kibuli Hill and apologized while knees on the ground and pledged never to come up with similar jokes.

On one Sunday morning in 2018 MC Mariachi was arrested with his bodyguard Michael Bunjo following a traffic offence. The duo was released on bail after appearing before the Mwanga II Magistrate court and they were charged with assault, careless driving and obstructing an officer on lawful duty.

2019 could have been Mariachi’s worst year and this is because in this year MC Mariachi and Maureen Nantume were deported from the USA and banned for 10 years without travelling to states. 

According to USA Embassy in Uganda, Mariachi had applied for a tourist visa which was granted to him but on their surprise, they found him performing in the states without a work permit and this made the authorities in the states to deport the comedian and other Ugandan musicians plus also punishing them with a ban of 10 years without travelling to the states.