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Who is Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba?
Who is Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba?

Who is Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, wife, family, early life and education of a Ugandan renowned Journalist.

Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba Mutumba is a Ugandan journalist, former drama actor under the Bakayimbira Dramactors, a Ugandan based drama group where he was for two decades and events Emcee. 

Early Life and Education

Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba was born in Masuulita, Mpigi District and he’s firstborn in his father’s house. He’s not aware of his birth date; the only thing his father told him is that he was born on Sunday at 5:02 pm, under a mango tree in Masuulita, simply because in those times people never kept birth records. 

He attended Masuulita Primary School before joining Light College Katikamu and Lubiri Secondary School. 

He then enrolled for a diploma in journalism at Uganda Media Institute in Rubaga before joining Makerere University for a degree in Mass Communication.

Work and Experience

Meddie Nsereko Sebuliba rose to fame the time he joined Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) as a talk show and a presenter of Kiliza oba Gana (Agree or Disagree) programme from Monday to Friday, Parliament Yamwe on Saturday and Alive and kicking every Sunday morning. 

He brings out his light-heartedness with jokes, memories and more on the Sunday programme.

Being on the radio and a talk show host was a dream come true for the veteran drama actor. This kind of work inspired him to pursue a degree in Mass Communication/Journalism at Makerere University and this earned him a promotion as the head of the politics and current affairs at CBS, a position that has kept him on his toes.

Sebuliba was also inspired to return to school by the then Information Minister Basoga Nsadhu (RIP), a note he inclined to.

This position has engrossed him in research about politics, politicians and current affairs since he’s a political talk show host.

However, Nsereko is a proud and diligent journalist who achieved fame, respect and opened doors for him. 

In this field, he was mentored by respected veteran journalists like Dan Kyeswa, Dick Mulima Sempaka, Hajji Abdul Nsereko and Mukalazi Kyobe all of Radio Uganda where started his career from. They inspired him through their excellent commentaries. 

Nsereko in his line of duty maintains an open-minded approach which enables him to learn more. 

His passion for journalism was triggered off at a tender age when Nsereko kept in the company of his grandfather who was the Kabaka’s (King of Buganda) representatives. 

He taught him a lot about Buganda and Kabakaship. This sharpened Nsereko’s story-telling skills.

So when he was of age, he joined drama acting, Nsereko was one of the founding members of Bakayimbira Dramactors and he was part of it for more than 25, years where he would put his story-telling abilities to use. 

He narrates that Dan Zirimenya Kyeswa who used to direct and act on the then UTV drama, Obwavu Musolo was his role model, however, to some people drama acting is in-born. His parents had no problem with him acting because he began fending for himself at a tender age, while in S.1 class; he’s simply a self-made person.

But later on, he discovered he could join mainstream journalism. When Radio Uganda opened doors for him, he took the opportunity and made sure he used it to his advantage to be outspoken and unique.

Little wonder, when CBS started broadcasting in 1996, he wanted to have a position as a presenter. Mulindwa Muwonge helped mentor him, and when he moved on to join Super FM; Nsereko took on some of his slots.

His work as a talk show host particularly in political affairs involves interfacing with politicians and according to Nsereko, he does not know of better liars than politicians. “They speak about something yet they mean something totally different.”

During his radio talk shows, the best person he liked in the panel was Hussein Kyanjo, Makindye West legislator; he was an outstanding debater, although everybody was good. 

Nsereko once arranged a Miss Big beauty contest. “I don’t like skinny people. I want someone who weighs 60-80kg. But also big people are not liked out there; so, I did something for them.”

However, Nsereko who had something for the broken-hearted people out there, dropped the idea following sounding advice from his superiors saying he’s a Kabaka man and not fit for such events. 

In 1986, while in the UK for a holiday, Nsereko together with his friend Fred Musisi Kiyingi, a fellow journalist worked there and earned a few pounds as a cab driver for the time he spent there. 

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He is married to Sarah Mirembe Nalunkuuma. PHOTO/BUKEDDE



Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba is married to Sarah Mirembe Nalunkuuma. He is a father, and friend to many. 

Nsereko who got married in 2014, subscribes to the saying that an African man does not announce or keep track of the number of children he has. 

As such he also not sure how many children his dad fathered.

Favourite meal

Chapati, I don’t like bananas but I like posho with chicken. He doesn’t like Matooke, and his favourite sauce is a mixture of groundnuts and dry smoked fish.


  • Pepsi and Fanta Orange, he’s non-alcoholic

Favorite radio presenter

  • Kaggwa Njala