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Prim Asiimwe NRG Radio Uganda

Prim Asiimwe, a renowned radio presenter, has officially joined NRG Radio Uganda, marking an exciting new phase in her career.

After bidding farewell to Galaxy FM exactly a month ago, where she had served as a Producer and Lead Presenter for the Evening Rush and the Galaxy Top 20 Countdown for an impressive ten years, Prim Asiimwe’s followers were eager to know what her next move would be.

Speculations and rumors about her departure from the country started circulating, but the truth has now been revealed.

Teasing the news of Prim Asiimwe’s arrival, NRG Radio Kenya shared a photo on their social media platforms with the caption, “Look who is chilling with us on #nrgcirclerave tonight. Prim Asiimwe all the way from Uganda, Cocktails on her pale VIP.”

This led to initial assumptions that Prim had made the move to Kenya for her new role. However, on Friday morning, she clarified that she had, in fact, joined the Ugandan sister channel of NRG Radio.

Taking to her social media accounts, Prim expressed her excitement about the transition and stated, “I’ll just need y’all to set those alarms and wake me up because I might wake up nga the show is done. Shame. Ps: am off the streets! Leezziiiiiigooooooo! Every morning 106.5 on your radio. Radio, missed you, so much,” on Twitter.

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Prim Asiimwe NRG Radio Uganda

Prim Asiimwe will now be part of the ‘NRG Breakfast Club’ on NRG Radio Uganda, alongside EKA, Bigboy Shaque, and DJ Beats. This engaging program airs every weekday (Monday to Friday) from 6 am to 10 am, providing listeners with an energetic start to their mornings.

With her new role at NRG Radio Uganda, Prim Asiimwe embarks on a fresh chapter in her career, bringing her talent, charisma, and passion for radio to a new audience. Her dedicated followers can look forward to enjoying her captivating presence and dynamic hosting on the airwaves once again.