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Windows 11 is the company's flagship operating system in the new Surface Notebook Studio, announced this week. PHOTO/WINDOWS CENTRAL

Microsoft announced this week an updated and extended line of Surface devices, including the Surface Notebook Studio as its flagship Windows 11 laptop.

This week, Microsoft unveiled an upgraded and extended line of Surface devices, with the new Surface Notebook Studio serving as the company’s flagship Windows 11 laptop.

During the live virtual event, Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, said, “With Surface Laptop Studio, we built on the tradition of both Surface Book and Surface Studio, providing you the power of a desktop, but with the portability needed in a laptop.” “And then there’s the Studio’s inventiveness all rolled into one.”

According to Panay, the new hybrid laptop is the “most powerful Surface” the business has ever produced. He praised the device’s “dynamic weaving hinge,” which he said outperforms previous-generation hinges in terms of durability, as well as its 14.4-inch PixelSense Flow display, which has a resolution of 2400 x 1600 and runs at 120Hz.

The first is a standard laptop setup, complete with a full keyboard and haptic touchpad. The second option, dubbed “stage mode,” tilts the screen forward and covers the keyboard. 

This form, according to the business, was created for presenting, gaming, and content consumption. 

Finally, in a mode termed “studio,” the screen can entirely cover and sit flush with the keyboard, changing it into a more typical tablet, especially when paired with the Surface Slim Pen 2. (sold separately).

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Surface Duo 2 by Microsoft

Microsoft also announced that it is working on a foldable Android tablet again at the presentation on Wednesday. The Surface Duo 2 boasts two 5.8-inch OLED panels with a resolution of 1344 x 1892 that are joined by a hinge. 

It supports 5G and is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon CPU, and it runs Android 11 out of the box.

A magnetic bar keeps your Surface Pen device in place, and a Surface Duo Glance Bar gives basic information like the time, weather, and text messages while the device is closed, which are new improvements over the previous edition.

The fairly poor single camera and the challenging screen-sharing between the two screens were two big concerns with the initial edition of the Surface Duo. 

Microsoft is tackling the first issue by demonstrating improved optimization when exchanging information between the two screens using three 12-megapixel cameras (ultrawide, wide, and telephoto).

Shilpa Ranganathan, CVP of mobile and cross-device experiences, demonstrated how easily Microsoft Teams can operate with the two-screen arrangement and how easy it is to use apps like shared whiteboards when linked with a Surface Pen device during the presentation.

Preorders for the device are currently open for $1,499 ($100 more than the previous model).

Other Notices on the Surface

Microsoft jammed upgrades and refreshes for practically all of its Surface products and accessories into its 50-minute presentation. 

Other highlights include:-

  • Surface Pro 8: The new model has a larger 13-inch screen while preserving the same overall dimensions as previous models by reducing side bevels. On the keyboard, there are two Thunderbolt 4 connectors and a Surface Pen holder.
  • The Surface Slim Pen 2 is a new pen gadget that works with all Surface tablets and now has built-in haptics.
  • Surface Go 3: Microsoft’s low-cost Surface device ($400 without keyboard) features a new Intel Core i3 processor that, according to the firm, is more than 50% quicker than last year’s edition, has a longer battery life, and maybe ordered with built-in LTE capability.
  • Surface MouseMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed the environmentally friendly Surface Mouse accessory, which is created from 20% recycled ocean plastics and housed in a 100 per cent recyclable box, as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability.