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State Minister of Finance David Bahati has urged youth to ignore any political influence from any aspiring politician and not to be blinded by temporary and reckless groups posed in the country but to concentrate on things that make them better people.

During the 33 years NRM anniversary celebrations held in Ndorwa West Kabale district on January. 26, Bahati asked youth to refrain Bobi Wine’s movement the people power.

“People power is a minority in Kabale and if you choose to join them, you will be choosing short term strategy.”

Bahati further said that NRM government has set plans for youth’s prosperity including income generating projects like Operation Wealth Creation. In addition, he requested them not to be redirected by politicians who seek their own ambitions.

bobi wine

2021, general elections are nearing and most politicians are now setting up grounds and examining their capacities mainly targeting youth to win over their votes since most voters are youth.

Bahati is not the only politician from NRM to warn his supporters to stay away from the singer cum politician also the Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East who has given the ruling party sleepless nights after staging resistance to cause change and overthrow the Museveni government who has been in power since 1986.

Bobi wine is currently in the United States meeting with Ugandans staying in Washington DC and other areas.

By the time of publishing this story, Bobi wine hasn’t replied to any of the politicians sensitizing Ugandans to stay away from people power movement.

We shall keep you posted