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Minister Ida Nantaba Survives Suspected Assassination Attempt

State Minster of information and communication Technology (ICT) Hon Idah Nantaba has survived an attempted assassination in Kayunga District in Central Uganda. After gunmen intentionally stopped her vehicle targeting her life.

Unrecognised gunmen who were reportedly travelling on a sport bike attacked Hon Ida Nantaba at Ggavu village in Kasawo sub-county, along Kayunga-Mukono Road before alarming police.

Nantaba was on her way back to Kampala from Ndeeba village in Kayunga district where she spent her weekend.

When these gunmen intercepted her car, Hon Ida Nantaba thought that they were one of her voters, then she stopped, but eventually she realised they were strange men, after she saw masked men coming out from the bush with guns.

At that moment she sensed they were harmful men intending to take her life and she immediately drove off, but fortunately these gunmen did not fire her car neither did her body guard attempt to fire them.

The body guard who is linked to Special Forces Command (SFC) said if he had released a bullet, then Nantaba’s life would be in Danger.

With tears rolling down her chic’s, Nantaba approached Nagalama Police station and reported the matter.

She was so scared to the extent that she couldn’t address the public on the incident. Hon Ida Nantaba however stayed at the police station for some good hours trying to regain her strength before she vacated the station.

Luke Owesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, said that after Nantaba had alerted police over the matter, security started patrolling the area and in the process one of the gun men reportedly fired bullets but was later encountered by police and shot dead.

“The Minister was suspicious of the men on the motorbike before she called the Nagalama police station which alerted other stations. The police then started patrolling and monitoring the surroundings before killing one of the gunmen on spot, Owesigyire telling NTV on a cell phone interview.

Owesigyire says police and other security agencies are still searching for the other gunmen alongside investigation on what could have resulted into this attack that targeted the Ministers life.