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Mission Accomplished: UPDF Rescues Kimberly The American Tourist And Milenge The Driver
Hon. Minister Kamuntu

Kimberly Sue Endicott and Jean Paul Milenge, driver from Wild frontiers kidnapped earlier last week on Tuesday 26th March 2019, at Ishasha section in Queen Elizabeth National Park have been rescued.

On Sunday evening 7th of April, Minister Ephraim Kamuntu, informed Ugandans that the search has been closed after Army, Police, and Uganda Wild Life Authority game rangers found the two persons.

“We are very pleased to inform Ugandans and the relatives to the hostages that they have been rescued safely. They are in hands of Uganda security authorities.”

Kamuntu proceeded to thank Ugandan security agencies for the work done in finding the two kidnapped persons, a scene that had threatened tourists and Ugandans in particular doubting Uganda’s security as far as tourism is concerned.

Kamuntu was in company of the CEO Uganda Tourism Board, Lily Ajarova and Sam Mwandha the Uganda Wild Life Authority Executive Director.

“The case of this kidnap is an isolated case. And this in any way should not discourage any body from visiting Uganda. We would like to assure every one, our international community that Uganda is safe and we have all the beauty for them to come and enjoy,” Liy Ajarova, Uganda Tourism Board CEO said.

We are very pleased to all of this, we are very happy. We were under pressure and anxiety but now we can put it to rest the people are safe, they are secure, they are unharmed,” Sam Muwandha the Uganda Wild Life Authority Executive Director said.

“The capacity of Uganda security, know-how and strength enabled them to be rescued safe and sound.”

Kamuntu says Kimberly and Milenge are in good health but refrained from disclosing any information regarding the kidnappers stating that they will pass on the information to the public at the right time.

“We shall not do it until time is appropriate and those details will be given.”

Relatedly, Kamuntu thanked the media and Queen Elizabeth National Park neighbours for their hard work during this mission and the assistance rendered in ensuring that the rescue mission run successful.

“I was very pleased with members of the press and community for being sympathetic and cooperative in helping us rescue these people.”

A sum of 500,000USD (shs1.8bn) was demanded by the kidnappers before releasing these two persons, but it’s not yet clear whether this amount was given or not.

He adds that the kidnapped are ready to go back to their home countries. Milenge the driver was confirmed to be a Congolese while Kimberly is from South California USA, their rescue came after five days of search.