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Fik Fameica, Vinka excite revelers at Club Dome Xplosion

Singer Shafiq Walukagga also known as Fik Fameika must be the luckiest man this December after Money lender who borrowed him money and his management to organize his My Journey concert held at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds has chosen not to arrest or sue the kutama hit maker for failure to clear his debts.

The good news came from a one Kabanda who said that he understands well the situation Fik Fameika is going through since he has a pile of debts on his shoulders that awaits him to be paid.

Kabanda is not the only promoter demanding Fameika, but the musician has several other people to clear who actually sends threats to the singer if he over delay to clear these debts.

Kabanda is hopeful that Fameika will be in position to pay this debt when he gets money from other shows and therefore there is no need to put more pressure on the youngster.

Fameika is known as one of the rappers who are highly on demand and receive hundreds of bookings each month and therefore can easily refund Kabanda’s money.

And during the Christmas holiday, the tonsukuma hit maker was seen performing for a huge crowd in Luweero and other areas.

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