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Moses Magogo Hassim

Who is Moses Magogo Hassim? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, family, tribe, relationship with Mr Sam Zua Nkinda and Mrs Ruth Biribawa Nkinda, Dellah Sallah, Annet Anita Among, early life and education of the current President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

Moses Magogo Hassim is a Ugandan politician and sports administrator.

He is the Member of Parliament for the Budiope Buyende District. Magogo currently serves as President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

Early life and Education

Moses Hassim Magogo was born on November 8, 1976, in Kamuli, Eastern Uganda (Busoga) to Mr Sam Zua Nkinda and Mrs Ruth Biribawa Nkinda.

Magogo has three children with a Rwandan woman who lives in Bulenga. Later, Dellah Sallah, a city socialite, introduced him to her parents in 2017, and the couple have two children together. 

And in August 2022, the Speaker of Parliament Annet Anitah Among and Fufa President Moses Magogo held their traditional ceremony in the Bukedea district.

Moses Magogo attended Kagulu Primary School in Kamuli District before enrolling in Jinja College, where he completed his Ordinary level education. 

He then transferred to Namilyango College in Mukono District to complete his Advanced level. He earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Makerere University.

moses magogo and anita among
Magogo and Annet Anita Among.

Career and Professional Work Experience

He has previously worked for Kinyara Sugar Works, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the UN, and the African Development Bank. 

Magogo is currently a shareholder and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PearlSporto Investments Limited, which owns and operates the PearlSporto TV Channel (the only exclusively Ugandan sports channel).

Magogo has played association football with Kinyara Sugar FC and Mutundwe Lions FC in addition to primary, high school, and university football. He also captains the FUFA President’s XI, a team comprised of former National team players.

Magogo served as Club Treasurer for Mutundwe Lions FC (1998-2013), Club Secretary for Super Cubs Soccer Academy (2011-2013), Secretary for Rubaga District Football Association (2005-2009), and FUFA General Assembly Delegate for Rubaga DFA (2004 – 2013).

He also served in the National Football Administration as Secretary of the FUFA Competitions Committee (2005-2011), Chairman of the FUFA Licensing Board, member of the AFCON 2012 mobilization committee (headed by Hon. Obua Hamson), FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS) Agent for Uganda, member of the FUFA EXCOM representing the Kampala region, and member of the Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium Board of Directors.

Moses Magogo is the current President of FUFA (voted in 2013, and re-elected in 2017 for another 4-year term). Mr Lawrence Mulindwa (now Honorary FUFA President) was succeeded by Magogo in August 2013.

He was a member of FIFA’s Security and Integrity Committee (2015-2017), Chairperson of the CAF Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee, Member of the CAF Inter-Club Championships Organizing Committee, and FIFA Football Administration & Management Instructor.

He was co-opted onto the CAF Executive Committee in 2017 by CAF President Mr Ahmad Ahmad and was elected to the CAF Executive on July 18th, 2019 to represent the CAF East-Central zone (CECAFA region).

He was also the Chairman of the FUFA Marketing Committee and a member of the Mandela National Stadium Limited Board of Directors.

Moses Magogo was elected as the Member of Parliament for Budiope East in the Buyende district on January 14, 2021, and will represent the constituency for the next five years (2021-2026).

Achievements and Awards

Moses Magogo excelled in both sports and academics at Jinja College, Namilyango, and Makerere University. In one week, he won the 10,000-meter race and finished second in a national mathematics competition that brought together the best students from Uganda’s best schools.

Nkrumah Hall Bull Roasted (won the overall sports competition) for the first time in its over 40-year history, with Moses Magogo as Interior Minister and participant in several disciplines.

Moses Magogo has a net worth of 1.1 billion Uganda Shillings and an annual income of 200 million Uganda Shillings from his ownership of a sports club and his office in 2021. Moses Magogo is expected to earn more than 250 million Ugandan shillings in 2022, which will be one of his most profitable years.

Magogo is credited with transforming Uganda’s league and football competition systems, particularly the FUFA Big League and Regional Leagues.

He is also in charge of establishing Uganda’s player contracting regulations and system, as well as negotiating and concluding various football sponsorships. 

Magogo has been a key figure in FUFA’s governance reforms and was a pivotal figure in Mr Lawrence Mulindwa’s FUFA presidency (2005-2013). The FUFA Juniors League was established (started with U-17 but now U-19).

In 2014, the FUFA Women’s Elite League was established.

The Super8 Cup tournament was introduced, which attracts the top six finishers in the League as well as newcomers from the FUFA Big League.

Uganda hosted the first-ever meeting of the CAF Standing Committee (Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee in Entebbe). Uganda has been named the AFCON Beach Soccer 2020 host country. Football has received government and corporate sponsorship for national teams and clubs.

Uganda qualified for three AFCON Finals (Uganda Cranes-Gabon 2017, Egypt 2019) and won two of them (National U-17 in Tanzania 2019).

For the first time since 1978, the Uganda Cranes qualified from the group stages of the AFCON Finals (Egypt). In 2016, the Uganda Cranes were ranked 62nd in the world by FIFA.


moses magogo fufa president uganda

Magogo’s wealth raises concern. Every year, the Fufa president’s office has a budget of more than Shs 200 million. Yet, after only eight years at the helm, Magogo’s cars and property are seen to outweigh what he earns officially at Fufa. 

According to Haruna Kyobe, a director at Vipers SC, Magogo must be enriching himself with a large portion of the Shs 40 billion Fufa budget. 

Notably, Magogo’s ability to spend so much money during his campaign for the Budiope East Member of Parliament seat raised more eyebrows, raising suspicions that he is defrauding Fufa. 

“People forget I am a professional telecom engineer who worked with top international organizations earning very well for many years,” Magogo said. 

”I don’t live a lavish lifestyle, and I have wisely invested my money. I still have a private income and serve on the CAF executive committee. To limit my income to Fufa is to be simplistic.” 

In a nutshell, Magogo dismissed suggestions that he steals from Fufa, noting above all that he has created so much value for football through his intellect. As a result, he is rewarded for that value.

Moses Magogo spotted a power void at SC Villa in 2019 and seized the opportunity to infiltrate it. He used his position as Fufa president to place his henchmen in key Villa positions under the guise of assisting the club with restructuring. 

The move appeared to be successful, and Magogo positioned himself to draft a new club constitution, which he intended to use as a vehicle to take over the club. 

Fortunately, the club trustees became aware of this covert move and stopped it in its tracks. Magogo had to swallow a bitter pill, but he couldn’t leave without destroying the club. 

All of the top players were sold, and as his henchmen returned to FUFA for redeployment, they attempted to blackmail the club. Magogo has never seen anything good at Villa since, from the administration to the players. But Villa is here to stay, and he will take it with him when he leaves. 

At every opportunity, he mocks the club as a sleeping giant while pulling the strings behind the scenes to kill it. During the Villa resurgence between 2014 and 2018, Magogo led a smear campaign to disband the club executive. 

He caused havoc by funding hooligans to confuse. His concern, which he still has, is that Villa has always been a powerhouse in Ugandan football.

Magogo’s accomplishments are undeniable, but he is accused of barring other candidates from competing for the presidential seat, and earlier this year, he was at odds with former Cranes player Sulaiman Mutyaba, who accused him of swindling players’ money.

Magogo has also been accused of arrogance; he once referred to the Uganda Cranes’ football in the most recent CHAN tournament as “shitty football,” a remark that Denis Onyango (former Cranes captain), Hassan Mawanda Wasswa, and others deemed disrespectful, prompting them to retire from international football.

Moses Magogo resigned as FUFA president on September 27, 2019, during the Federation’s 95th AGM in Adjumai, after FIFA opened an investigation into the alleged illegal sale of 2014 FIFA World Cup tickets, a case reported to FIFA by Makindye’s Member of Parliament Allan Ssewanyana in May 2017.

On October 10, 2019, FIFA announced that FUFA president and CAF delegate Moses Magogo had been suspended from all football-related activities at the national and international levels for two months. Despite pleading for a lighter sentence, he was fined CHF 10,000 for misusing his position.

During the suspension period, Moses Magogo was found to have violated FIFA’s ban after being seen as a spectator at a Namboole stadium when the Cranes played Malawi – another point of contention.

Overall, Magogo returned to office on December 10th after serving his two-month suspension and was treated as a hero by the FUFA executive, friends, and well-wishers, including the newly appointed Minister of State for Sports.

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