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Most of Ugandans remember Honorable Member of parliament for Kitgum Municipality as a very strong woman mostly when she was involved in the campaign to protect Mabira forest which was given to new foreign investors, whereas others refer to her as a complete disappointment, failure and traitor who recently voted “YES” in parliament while discussing a bill on lifting the age limit leaving his fellow opposition Members losing the battle to NRM Members.

But that’s not the point; the latest news reaching our desk indicates that Hon Beatrice Anywar is accused of illegally encroaching on The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) land which is found on the land housing Kitgum satellite station in Kitgum district.

The land is believed to have approximately 140 acres and many encroachers including Anywar have illegally utilized this land. According to sources, Anywar is accused to construct a residential house on this land.

The director of The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), Dr Laban Turyagenda said that they will go to court in order to carry out the eviction of people who are illegally using this land and this means that Anywar’s house will be demolished too.

Turyagenda further told the press that they carrying out research in their satellite station.

“We have demonstration gardens where we planted drought resistant Nase 14 cassava variety, pigeon peas, and sunflowers among others. We also have poultry, piggery and dairy cows to encourage urban farming” the director said.

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This came after the district council claimed that they gave out this land to the public because it was not being used by the organisation.

We shall keep you posted.