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MP Zaake explains his health condition on return

Francis Zaake, MP Mityana Municipality has been rearrested and remanded to Gulu prison for the next three weeks after he was charged with treason.

“For the moment he is remanded in Gulu until 14th of March when the matter will be out for mention,” Daniel Lubowa the Arua chief Magistrate stated.

Few hours after Zaake the Mityana Municipality Legislator was bailed at Arua Magistrate’s Court, he was again re-arrested and driven to Gulu Magistrate Court to face treason charges.

After his appearance before the Arua Chief Magistrate, Daniel Lubowa, on charges of escape from lawful custody.

“We should just be calm, this will get done and we shall overcome,” Henry Komakech Kilama said.

Adding that there’s hope to apply for a production warrant on the availability of the presiding High Court Judge.

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“We are going to apply most likely if Monday or Tuesday and then seek audience with the judge when he’s available to hear this application. This is when we can apply for a production warrant.”

He was granted no-cash bail of Shs50million and ordered to reappear on March 22, 2019, in Arua Magistrate Court and his Sureties also at Shs50million each.

Zaake was released at 11:00am on Friday by Daniel Lubowa, the Arua Chief Magistrate before he was re-arrested and then taken to Gulu Magistrate’s Court where he was remanded until the 14th of March, 2019, after he was charged with treason case.

He wasn’t allowed to file a plea, because Gulu Magistrate Court have no Jurisdiction powers as regards to capital offences such as treason. but advised to apply for a bail before the high court judge.

Gulu grade one Magistrate Kintu Isaac, in his charge accused Zaake of stoning the president’s car with intent to harm him. In the Arua Municipality by-election on the 15th of August 2018.

“With intent to harm the president of the republic of Uganda.”

Arua Municipality legislator Kasiano Wadri, the Arua Municipality legislator who stood security for Zaake in Arua Magistrate Court followed the van that took off Zaake to Gulu, not willing to leave him alone. Because what’s happening to Zaake today was a result of his political campaigns in Arua.

Wadri could not hide his frustration, as he watched the track drive Zaake out of his site from the Court premises even when Zaake stood strong.

“This is just a way of plumping our feet, so that we don’t move. But I can tell you spirit is very strong.”

And now if thing don’t move on well, Zaake will have to wait in Gulu prison until the 14th of March 2019, when the other 36 suspects will return to court.

We will keep you posted