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MPs, NOTU leaders honour minimum wage bill passing

Different parties including MPs and leaders of National Organisation of trade Unions (NOTU) have come out to honour parliament for passing the long waited 2013, minimum wage bill.

According to workers’ representatives, the law will cause harmony between employers, employees and government in particular. Thus, improving the well-being of employees.

The long waited 2013, private members minimum wage, was passed by parliament on Tuesday the 19, of February 2019. The law was meant to increase people’s purchasing power as well as refining their wellbeing.

In a press meeting held on Wednesday at parliament, both parties including employees, NOTU leaders and members of parliament underscored the relevancy of this passed law, stating that the lower employees basic pay will easily be decided.

Meanwhile, MPs say the bill will create an establishment of the minimum wage bill that will have a mandate in deciding the starting amount of salary earners in every sector.

Penalties to those who will breach the law were also stated including three years’ imprisonment or rather pay a fine of 10 million Uganda Shillings or both.

And every year the Minister in charge will be mandated to pronounce the starting minimum wage for all employees in each sector.