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Muntu’s newly formed political party cleared by Electoral Commission

The electoral Commission has green lighted Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, also the former FDC president, new political party to join the other parties in the political race including his former FDC party, DP and Bobi Wine’s People Power Movement all with a common goal of dissolving Museveni’s regime who has ruled Uganda for over 30 years.

Alice Alaso, former FDC member who is now together with Muntu, on Tuesday 19 of March 2019 said that their party is finally cleared by Electoral Commission after several months of sessions.

“The next phase is gazetting of the same which we expect will be done in the next few weeks.”

She says they are set to launch their new party officially; in a date they will soon announce.

“The date, venue and time of the official launch will be communicated soon.”

Last year in 2018, Muntu declared his plans to quit FDC, the party he had served for long after leaving NRM and indeed it happened.

Muntu says his decision to quit FDC Party is not because he’s thirst for power but his ideas had no room in the party, and secondly he wasn’t in good terms with Patrick Amuriat, the FDC current president as regards to political ideologies.

“We fought each other to a state of paralysis within the party. We had failed to reconcile the two different strategies and our instability as FDC would be instability of the whole opposition FDC now has an opportunity to do everything they wanted to do,” Muntu’s statement in September 2018 when he was leaving FDC.

Relatedly, Muntu said he is diligently working hard to correct opposition differences in Uganda, adding that he’s willing to walk an extra mile to unite opposition in Uganda’s political arena.

After being called a Mole working on behalf of NRM government to disorganise opposition and link their confidential information to the ruling NRM party, Muntu still remained firm and just of current said time will tell who is who.

“There was no time I was not called a Mole. Even when we were in the bush, they did not trust me. Commanders had to put me under surveillance until they realised I was genuine. Even in FDC I have been branded the same but if there’s will of God, there’s going to be a time when people will be shocked to know who the real Moles are. Why I go through all that if I was a Mole? If I was on a mission, I would remain in FDC so it does not gain stability.”