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Museveni Tells Opposition Politicians To Refrain From Individual Fights And Focus On Development

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has called upon NRM and opposition MPs to concentrate on developing their areas other than attending to political fights.

Speaking to Bukedea District residents, president Museveni showered praises to the Bukedea District Woman Legislator, Anita Among for the development she made in her constituency despite being opposition.

Museveni says Among is a good member of parliament.

Museveni however, argued fellow politicians to copy her good example to enhance development in their areas.

Additionally, Museveni issued a warning to politicians who use media outlets particularly Radio Stations, to pass out false messages to the masses against government, with intentions of black painting government attained projects.

This happened on Saturday April 27th, 2019, while launching various development projects led by opposition MP Anita Among, in Bukedea District.

The projects Museveni unveiled includes a science laboratory at Bukedea Comprehensive School named Yoweri Museveni science laboratory, opening a Radio Station, laying a foundation stone for Bukedea teaching hospital among many other projects.

Museveni also taught people of Bukedea tactics of fighting the increasing poverty in the country. Including giving reasons why he works with Among though she belongs to the opposition.

For long now, president Museveni has been continuously accusing media proprietors, for offering airtime to political figures who according to him just get there to tarnish government by giving out false information.

The turn of event followed the continued blockage of the four-time presidential candidate also former FDC president Dr Kizza Besigye by security from conducting Radio talk shows on various stations country wide.