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Nairobi explosion: A Kenyan girl tells a story

A Kenyan girl who reserved her identity posted on her social media
page saying that they have been living in the same estate with one of the terrorist who executed the Nairobi terror attack.
A week ago she was offered a drive on her way to Church with one of her neighbours whom she didn’t know was a terrorist.
It came to her realisation after the attack when she saw his image among the displayed terrorists.
She says; “I am still shocked and can’t believe this. Do you know we have been living with this terrorist at Guango Estate? Do you know that he carried me last Sunday but one from Guango estate to Ruaka as I was going to church? The picture of that guy, the owner of that car is still in my head, his polished English is still in my head and I still remember how he was telling me he was taking his car for a car wash.”
Also, another hidden person recognised one the cars used by the attackers saying it belonged to one of their neighbours. A different girl narrated on the media.
“The thugs have been living there for the last three months.”
A way from that, reports indicates that one of the cars used by the five
terrorist to exercise the attack was found deserted just few meters away from DusitD2 Hotel entrance.
The terrorist’s neighbour alerted police after recognising the car belonging to his neighbour who happened to be a terrorist.

The Nairobi attack that killed over 15 people has been claimed by the Somali based terror organisation. They said they are responsible for the Tuesday explosions at DusitD2 Hotel.
On Wednesday Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta stated that the government of Kenya is not going to sit down until justice is instituted between Kenya and the attackers.
Arguing that it’s time for Kenya to decide strongly on terrorists and vowed to follow up their associates since they have stepped on the main characters (terrorists).
“We will seek out every person that was involved in the funding, planning and execution of this heinous act, we will pursue them wherever they will be and hold them to account.”
And on Wednesday detectives identified a condoned off building in Mucatha, Ruaka in Kiambu County believed to be occupied by one of the attackers.
It is said this terrorist been living in that house for a period of 3 months and paying 400,000kshs on a monthly basis.
According to Standard news it reported that; “In a raid conducted on
Wednesday, police discovered a cavity in the house in which the attacker had kept several weapons. The neighbours described the man as friendly though he was rarely in the house.”