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The evening of Sunday 16th September was rather sad and very somber when Makerere University Nsibirwa boys’ hall of residence was struck by calamity after one of their residents committed suicide and was discovered in the evening.

Once again Makerere University students are planning a mega strike next after an
increment in graduation fees paid by Finalists and the students have come out a
slogan no touching graduation fees.
Makerere University students are known for holding strikes about any issues
affecting them in person and studies and these have included the famous 60% fees
which left many arrested and some dead. So far this semester Makerere Students
have held a few strikes and only involved themselves in the togikwatako riots
which were held countrywide a few weeks back.
And the latest news reaching our desk indicates that students through their leaders
have threatened to stage several strikes if the fees paid by finalist before they
graduate are not minimized.
According to Kizito Abasi Abbey, the Makerere University Information Minister,
and GRC School of Social Sciences (2016-17) in a whatsapp message shared
across various groups involving students, both finalists, and continuing students
yesterday called upon them to raise their voices and hands against exploitation by
Makerere University after Graduation fees hiked from the known Shs.110,000 to
Here is alist of the current amount of money to be paid by students.
GRADUATION FEE 40,000 60 121,200
TRANSCRIPT FEE 30,000 50 101,000
CERTIFICATE FEE 30,000 50 101,000
CONVOCATION FEE 10,000 10 20,200
GOWN 98,000 49 98,000
TOTAL 208,000 209 441,400
These Makerere students now join Doctors and medics who are now striking for an increase in
their salaries and working conditions.