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NRM/M7 Junta is attempting to break Bobi Win’s spirit through persecution says Besigye

Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) former president and the four-time presidential candidate says all Bobi Wine’s troubles were instigated by the NRM/President Museveni, with intentions of ruling his political endeavours.

The opposition strongman says Bobi Wine’s recent blocked music show, house arrest and his subjection to recurrent court trials are directed to break him down and finally give up his political venture of liberating this country Uganda.

He however, says persecution will not break Bobi Wine’s spirit, but instead it will turn him more strapping as fire hardens the brick that goes through it.

In Dr Besigye’s tweeter post, he said that: “As we were facing blatant injustices in Kasese, my brother @HEBobiWine was again facing NRM/M7 Junta persecution. It’s an attempt to break an activist’s spirit. They don’t know that it’s the fire that hardens an activist. Be strong brother. We shall overcome.”

Bobi Wine was remanded to Luzira Maximum Prison on Monday the 29 of April by Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate’s Court, on charges of inciting violence against the Social Media Tax last year in June.

He’s currently facing trial via video conferencing in Luzira Prison and following Court’s proceedings on a screen.

He was not brought to court.