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Museveni’s life presidency push disregarded intentionally by opposition

The National Resistance Movement Parliamentary Caucus has adopted Central Executive Committee’s (CEC) resolution to endorse president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s sole candidature for NRM party in the coming 2021 general elections.

The statement issued by NRM party’s publicity Rogers Mulindwa was arrived at shortly after a presentation on the party’s strategy for 2021 by the Secretary general.

This followed NRM’s rebel MPs warning against the move arguing that such resolutions stifle the party’s internal democracy.

The NRM caucus in parliament, who are now in Kyankwanzi decided to have their party chairman president Museveni stand solely for the presidential post and lead them in 2021 and beyond.

And as a result, their resolution has generated mixed feelings and reactions from politicians and political analysts in the country.

“That means a state of agony. That one leads us to where Libya is today, when Gadaffi was killed, the nation was tone apart up to now they don’t have peace and their country is in distraction, it’s just tone in to parts. And the leadership is worse, so that’s where we are going,” Elton John political analyst stated.

“There’s no internal democracy in this country, after the change of the Constitution under the barrow of the gun. Members of parliament were beaten to create a way for life presidency. Though some people come here and try to fool others that they are trying to create some kind of sanity for all Ugandans who vote especially the youth,” Lutamaguzi Ssemakula, the Nakaseke South MP (DP) said.

While Harold Kaija, Deputy Secretary General FDC, said that from the very first day government thought of amending the Constitution as regards to presidential age limit and term of rule, it clearly indicated president Museveni’s thirst to rule Uganda again.

“This is a diversion, the day they amended the Constitution, to remove the age limit, that’s when even a blind person, a deaf, a young one knew that Mr Museveni was appearing for the next election,” Harold Kaija FDC.

Hellen Asamu, representative for people with disabilities for Eastern Uganda moved the motion, saying that Uganda still needs president Museveni more than ever before. Because of his strong leadership skills he uses when guiding and mentoring NRM leaders.

But despite this, NRM internal democracy is doubted by some of its members including Barnabas Tinkasimire MP Buyaga west, Theodro Ssekikubo among others.

However, some people from the public believe NRM has people who can compete in the presidential race apart from president Museveni. Arguing that they should be given an opportunity to prove their abilities.

“I am very sure that even the NRM alone, there are some men or women who can stand or who are presidential materials and I am very sure that there are so many leaders there who can do what Muzeyi is doing.”

“What they have done for me I say it’s not good, whereby they should allow even their party to practice democracy in their party. So that some people can contest.”

President Museveni will stand for the sixth time in 2021 general elections if at all NRM delegates conference clears him as a party’s only presidential candidate.

The swift turn follows the National Association of Districts and lower local government councils under the Uganda Local Government Associations green lighting president Museveni as a sole candidate.

Former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye on Saturday was hosted on a local Radio stations in Jinja and said that they will not allow president Museveni to feature on the ballot paper in the nearing 2021 presidential elections.

President Museveni was in 2016 endorsed as the NRM presidential sole candidate. But after the then party’s Secretary General Amama Mbabazi rose up to challenge him.

And this propelled his dismissal from the party. So this time round Sam Lyamoki the workers’ representative in parliament has showed up to challenge President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the party flag bearer. It’s not yet clear if he will face the same.