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President Museveni officially addresses the Nation after Arua chaos

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Committee (CEC) has decided to hold their upcoming primaries by lining behind candidates.

According to CEC, this method will reduce cases of election cheat, mal practices which is believed to have been the reason why some NRM candidates contest as independents after failing to go through the primaries thinking that they were cheated.

And before its enforcement, this resolution will be introduced to other party organs for the amendment of NRM Constitution.

Unveiling their new plan on Saturday during their ongoing CEC retreat in Nwoya District at Safari Restaurant, Rogers Mulindwa spokesperson NRM says the plan is meant to minimize internal elections costs.

Mulindwa continued to say that, the plan was also endorsed by president Museveni who said that self-evaluation will be promoted if the method is effected as well as lessening commercialisation of the electoral procedure.

And also intensifying transparency because one will sure see the number of people who voted him as well as reducing on the election petitions by those who are not satisfied of the ballot result.

In the same line, Mulindwa says the party secretariat will be delivering a complete agenda for district conferences for further reviews.

Adding that CEC has instituted a subcommittee chaired by the party’s 1st National Vice Chairman, Hajji Mosses Kigongo to intensify mobilisation of resources to run the party’s activities.

CEC is the highest governing body of the NRM party whose chairman is President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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