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NRM Youths Demonstrate Over British Involvement In Uganda’s Political Affairs

NRM youth have appealed to the speaker of parliament against imperialism from British government. The youths also seek an explanation from Minister Foreign Affairs Sam Kahamba Kutesa why international countries intervene in Uganda’s sovereignty.

This followed a serious clash between parliamentary police, antiriot police and a section of NRM youths in different groups donned in yellow T- shirts and singing the Uganda National Anthem outside parliament’s gate as they tried to force their way inside the parliament.

They started fighting the police physically, exchanging words insisting on delivering their petition to the Speaker.

They claim to take a petition to the Speaker of parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga under what they call ‘imperialism’.

“We are calling upon everyone who can be with us on the point we are trying to raise that Uganda is a country that can manage its problems and let’s not use other people in order to govern us indirectly because they are interested in things we are not interested in,” one of NRM youth stated.

Another NRM youth continued to say that; “if you don’t love Museveni for us we love him, we did not come here to engage in a fight but we have come to deliver our letter to the Speaker. We don’t want opposition to use foreigners to interfere in our political affairs.”

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They claimed their aim was only to deliver their petition before Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

However, Luke Owesigire the Deputy police spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan said that they arrested 50 NRM youths who are now under police custody at Central Police Station for alleged participation in illegal processions after being denied access to parliament to deliver a petition to the Speaker of parliament while parliament week is ongoing.

“What they should do is to follow right procedures on how they can approach parliament. Last week the same youth were arrested on the same issue after they stormed British High Commission offices in Kampala.”

However, Chris Obori the Communication Director parliament later received their petition and promised to deliver it to the Speaker.

“I have received their letter and I will deliver it to the clerk of parliament and then to the Speaker and they will give them appropriate time to deliver their petition.”

While Lubega Agilewo a Ugandan Lawyers criticised British involvement in Uganda’s democracy matters stating that it was a wrong move taken. They would have used other routes to raise their upsets other than debating matters of a sovereign state.

“Whether it’s true or not the issue is the way they discussed this matter. Uganda has a president likewise Britain. Uganda has a parliament likewise Britain. So, they can use those international ways of resolving disputes, I think they can implore them and then solve these small problems which I am seeing today.”

Last week dr. Paul Williams MP Stockton South MP UK moved a motion of interest before UK’s parliament to debate Uganda’s democracy.

The debate that proceeded in the UK’s parliament was centred on corruption, abuse of press freedom and the ongoing killings in Uganda without any reasonable account on them.

“The Ugandans people concede that the institution of their democracy has been eroded. Firstly, there are credible reports that Television Stations were interrupted in the 2016 presidential elections.”

According to the youth petition letter they seek suspension of British activities in Uganda and also deny Paul Williams access to Uganda.

The letter further advocates withdraw from the common wealth if at all Britain assumes the motion.     

And in 2016 a youth group against imperialism attacked the American Embassy contesting reports released by international countries noting irregularities in the presidential elections.