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Ofwono Opondo: We are not aware of the on-going currency saga
Ofwono Opondo: We are not aware of the on-going currency saga

The Government spokesman, Mr Ofwono Opondo, renounced police statements concerning the investigation into the Bank of Uganda currency saga.

Opondo said on behalf of the Uganda Media Centre’s Executive Director that they are not notified of the ongoing money-printing investigations at BoU.

I disagree with Fred Enanga’s statement about investigations in relation to the extra cargo of Shs 90 billion.

Ofwono Opondo stated

However, he asked police spokesman Enanga to correct his statement on the matter.

We ask @PoliceUg to clarify on their statement about @BOU_Officials in accordance to existing investigations. We believe the Police made a mistake while addressing the media.

Opondo said

Opondo stated that police have not detained anyone, and there have been six to eight BoU officials, including currency, legal, and procurement officers in some departments, who are still investigating the mistakes involved.

He added that Entebbe International Airport’s custom department is also under investigation.

Additionally, Ofwono Opondo said the government is conducting investigations into the additional boxes that contained blood testing equipment that arrived along with BoU cargo.

Opondo relatedly issued a warning to all government agencies that pass out wrong information to the public saying that they will be brought to order.

Speaking to journalist yesterday, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that they were carrying out investigations into the alleged printing of unauthorised extra currency by some senior BoU officials on spotlight.

He also said police have retrieved proof that contains records showing the participation of BoU officials in the money heist saga.

They raided six homes of BoU officials whose names were revealed and retrieved records that proposed additional money printing, according to police. And said as investigations proceed, the officials are being detained.

The searches were done in the homes of the officials and a number of documents were recovered. With time, we shall get how much was involved, how much (money) has been recovered, what was genuine (currency) and what was unofficial, but genuine money.

Enanga said