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Opinion: King Saha’s Biri Biri is exceptional and the best song of 2018 so far

Every time I feel like dedicating a love song to my beautiful girlfriend or feeling like falling in love, I get my phone or another device to watch and listen to King Saha’s Biri Biri song. It talks to the soul. It weakens even the strong ones. If you ever doubt that the Ugandan music industry is lacking a lyrically rich banger, you should think twice. Unless you are mad and deaf, don’t have ears?

I am surprised that you cannot sit down and scrutinize the lyrics in this extra ordinary banger. I was worried by his silence but when he returned, he indeed came back like a King on the throne. His two songs on my way and Biri Biri are my favourite so far. Not forgetting Lydia Jazmine and Daddy Andre. Don’t ask me about Bebe cool am not in my moods. (Credit: Paul Wetaase).

Opinion: King Saha’s Biri Biri is exceptional and the best song of 2018 so far
King Saha has returned the lyrics King

Biri Biri is the best Ugandan song for the first half of 2018. And there is no doubt it will be the best song of 2018.

Biri Biri is not just a song, it is a love anthem. Every time you listen to it, it gets better and deeper. It is experience upon experience. Biri Biri proves that King Saha deserves all the respect there is to give. And he makes great use of his husky voice.

Well this is a song that hits every button right; the lyrics are just on point. He progresses from his intro effortlessly then leads you all the way to the lyrics.

At least once a year, we ought to set aside a day just to do nothing but recognize great Ugandan music and awesome musicians. The kind of music you will love no matter how much you hate the musician.

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I first fell in love with King Saha’s Pretty Pretty song. Then came the times he drove the country crazy with Mulirwana and Gundeeze.

Now here we are worshipping at the feet of Biri Biri… if you have someone you love and you don’t have the right words, all you need to do is listen to this song and voila you will be pouring out lyrics… Biri Biri sounds like that Romeo and Juliet balcony conversation… if Shakespeare was a Muganda, he would be known as King Saha.

Of course the only other song that tries to compete is that of Lydia Jazmine, the rest should shut up…. (CREDIT. IAN ORTEGA)

By Paul Wetaase.

Listen and watch Biri Biri here.