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A Pass attacks Bebe Cool again after Goat Race

When the goat race was launched, musician Bebe Cool wasted no time in naming his goat A Pass and promising that it would emerge winner.

Several weeks down the road, the goat race took place in Munyonyo and A Pass couldn’t deliver. Instead he run backwards as the counterparts went forward.

A Pass was quick to respond mocking the singer and saying that whoever fights him always goes down. He wrote this after the goat race;

‘Byebyo, nabagamba ntino nselela Nga muwakana, whoever tries to climb me will fall Nesiiga buto #FreeBobiwine’.

This left fans from both the Bebe Cool and APass camp tussling it out in the cyber space.

We will keep you posted here at Flash Uganda media.

By Paul Wetaase