Who is Pastor Moses Solomon Male?
Who is Pastor Moses Solomon Male?

Who is Pastor Moses Solomon Male? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, church ministry, early life and education, father, and wife of the founder of Arising for Christ ministries.

Moses Solomon Male is a Ugandan pastor, social activist, farmer and Executive Director of Arising for Christ. Male who is humble is an outspoken critic of corruption in churches, particularly on the prosperity gospel, the gospel of extortion. 

He believes prosperity gospel is basically to rob the church congregation.

Pastor Male is a great critic of the occult (magic, witchcraft, divination and necromancy), homosexuality and cares for victims of paedophilia and sexual abuses.

He is an outspoken critic of corruption in churches; especially by pastors and clerics who promote the gospel of manipulation and mind control.

Early Life and Education

Pastor Male who currently lives a simple life in Kawempe, a Kampala City division was born on 17, August 1962 just a few months before Uganda secured her independence from Britain in 1962. 

He was raised by his mother in Ntinda Kigoowa as his parents never married due to religious differences between Muslims and Christians. 

He attended St Lugalama, Ntinda Primary School, Kyambogo College School and Caltec Academy Makerere where he completed the advanced level of education. 


Pastor Solomon Male is married to Justine Nanziri and together they have three children.

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Controversial Ugandan Pastor Solomon Male looks on during an interview at his home in Kampala on November 29, 2013. The trial of a retired British man in Uganda has again thrown the spotlight on the country’s uncompromising stance against homosexuality and the indefatigable work of its homophobe-in-chief, Pastor Solomon Male. An evangelical preacher on a self-declared crusade to rid his country of gays, Pastor Male is the man behind the case against Bernard Randall, who stands accused of “trafficking obscene publications”. AFP PHOTO/ ISAAC KASAMANI (Photo credit should read ISAAC KASAMANI/AFP via Getty Images)

Religious Affairs

Pastor Solomon Male converted to Christianity on 31 October 1987. Two weeks into salvation, Male was appointed a secretary to one faction led by Bishop Makumbi which to him proved to be a revelation opportunity of the dirty games of pastors.

In 1988, Pastor Male joined self-proclaimed prophet Samuel Kakande, and his wife Lois of Holy Church of Christ “New Chapter” renamed The Synagogue Church of All Nations.

At Synagogue, Male became a minister and served as second in command for four years which according to him proved the existence of fraudulent practices in the church.

“I saw people robbed of their property, healthy people manipulated into relationships with HIV positive people after falsifying tests”.

Prophet Kakande and members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations are followers of the late John Obiri Yeboah, a Ghanaian-born former Catholic priest turned prophet. He visited Uganda during his lifetime and initiated the church, and according to his critics, Kakande is a false prophet and a devil worshiper.

In 1992, Pastor Male left that Synagogue denouncing it as a cult and in 1993, Male was arrested as a result of his accusations against the church.

He was later released and the case was withdrawn. Male then began an evangelistic ministry to help people who had suffered abuse from cults or occult group of people.

In 1999, Male founded Arising for Christ (ARCH), a Christian organization whose leadership roles was to restore the sanctity of Christ and to rid the Church of fake and selfish people who carry themselves as pastors to con the desperate and unsuspecting community. 

Male claims the church had been marred with religious cults, homosexuality, and sexual abuses.  

In January 2008, Pastor Male claimed to have compiled a list of 300 believers who accuse born-again pastors of extortion, fraud, sex slavery and other crimes.

Later, Male claimed to be following Martin Luther King’s footsteps who centuries before had railed against vice, luxury and corruption among his fellow clergy. He compares the manipulation of sick people, into paying for prayers, to the sale of indulgences.

“The man who stood against the evil in the church was Martin Luther, because he was against the selling of worthless objects which were to save you from hell. The moment he started the Protestant Movement, it gave hope that when something is wrong, there is the possibility of setting it right,”

In this movement, Male has helped many people recover their items that had been taken by the prosperity preachers.

Solomon Male campaigns for greater financial accountability in churches. He says that the practice of giving land, cars or household goods to pastors in exchange for blessings, known as “sowing seeds of faith”, is widespread in Uganda, and is generally not included in the churches’ accounts. 

He reports that such donations are not even reported to boards or auditors, but are treated as the personal income of the men of God.

In 2009, Male was one of a group of pastors who received complaints from some young men accusing Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center of practising homosexuality particularly with them forcefully.

 A Police investigation cleared Kayanja, but Male insisted that the case was mishandled and urged the President to investigate the matter. The group was subjected to Community service and fined 1m shillings each in 2012 after they lost the case to Kayanja as a punishment for false allegations.

On 3 October 2012, six people including Pastor Male were fined sh1m each and ordered to do 100 hours of community service after being convicted of conspiring to destroy Pastor Robert Kayanja’s name and profession. 

In 2013, he opposed the divorce and remarriage of Bishop David Kiganda branding it to be contrary to Biblical teaching.

The National Fellowship of pastors in Uganda publicly disowned Pastor Male in 2006 as a result of his conduct. Nevertheless, this did not stop Male from executing his mission, and again in 2009, a group of pastors from four Pentecostal groups denounced Male as an “accuser of brethren who speaks without authority”.

Male’s countrywide cult awareness programme is particularly focused on schools. He continuously advocates for an end to religious cults and homosexuality; especially in churches.

“Over the years I have realized so many misconceptions and mis-teachings and unfortunately the church has done nothing to correct them. Some pastors wanted to silence me but I vowed never to stop until the vice is stopped,” “They had no moral authority to silence me,” said Male.

Pastor Solomon Male in this movement has faced various struggles, but he is not willing to resign. He continuously advocates for an end to religious cults and homosexuality; especially in church.

Male says he is the de facto leader of the crusade against homosexuality and cults in Uganda. “I am a pioneer in the fight against them,” he says, “I don’t think that Uganda’s religious history can be complete without Male. I have been foremost in shaping Uganda’s spiritual and moral history and planes.”

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In 1992, Pastor Male left that Synagogue denouncing it as a cult and in 1993, Male was arrested as a result of his accusations against the church.


Pastor Solomon Male once accused fellow pastors of worshipping President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Male claims that the pastors seek their safety and existence from Museveni.

Male argued Pentecostal pastors are no longer looking up to God for solutions, they are looking to a human god and that is called President Museveni.

He added that as long as Museveni still lives, pastors will never seek God for their problems. Claiming they have a human God. Male stressed further that even when Museveni goes to church for prayer, the pastors forget to preach and instead of the table their development plans before the President.

Male on father Simon Lokodo, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, proposing Born-Again pastors to obtain theological training, he believes theology does not guarantee righteousness amongst individuals. 

He then cited that the Catholic Church has learned clergies but they have continuously been accused of different crimes.

According to Male, the ministry should form a commission that can oversee the dirty games and practices done in all religious institutions.