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Anite runs to President Museveni as UTL scandals intensify
Anite runs to President Museveni as UTL scandals intensify

As the Uganda Telecom Company troubles grow, State Minister for Investment Evelyn Anite runs to President Museveni for help.

Anite says the Attorney General has refused to respond to President Museveni directive to have Bemanya Twebaze removed from office and have him replaced by another person in a letter dated June 29 2019.

She continued to state that the Deputy Attorney General’s statement that backed Twebaze was incorrect.

“Your Excellency, whereas government is enjoined to follow the advice of the Attorney General, we are disturbed that his conclusions on this matter raise more questions and especially contradict the policy guidance I received from you regarding the removal of Mr Bemanya,” Anite’s letter to Museveni stated.

In the Ministers statement, she said that Bemanya has become difficult to work with, and in this case, the government has lost confidence in his service as the Administrator of the company.

Adding that any attempt to block his removal turns suspicious as portrayed by the Attorney General.

“The purpose of this letter your excellency is to bring the above developments to your attention and to seek for your further guidance considering that I am convinced that the opinion of the Deputy Attorney General is fundamentally flawed and misinterpretation of the law,” Anite said.

In a letter dated 28 June 2019, Rukutana said Minister Anite has no supervisory powers over UTL Administrator, Twebaze.

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“Whereas some government entities may be listed creditors, a shareholder in this instance, the minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development has no locus to apply to the Court to remove the Administrator from office,” said Rukutana.

This followed Anite’s directive to the Attorney General to instruct Court to have Twebaze removed from office as the government finds his replacement.