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Police Blocks Bobi Wine’s Concert At Busabala One Love Beach

Leader of opposition Betty Aol Ochan attacks police over cancellation of Bobi Wine’s Boxing day concert scheduled to take place at his one love beach Busabala in Wakiso district.

His Excellency the ghetto president Bobi Wine also the Kyandondo East MP arranged his annual concert but was drastically blocked by police under claims that Bobi Wine did not follow the required guidelines.

Heavily deployed policemen, water cannons and armoured vehicles surrounded one love beach Busabala in the small hours of Boxing Day.

And as people started coming in for the show, police fired teargas dispersing them off the premises together with the concert organisers as they dis-erected their music systems and some employees arrested as a result.

However, on Thursday Ms. Ochan stated that it’s unprincipled and unsatisfactory for police to forge a resolution to stop Bobi Wine’s Boxing day concert.

“We the parliament seems to be wasting time. Our resolutions are not taken seriously especially when they don’t politically augur well with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.”

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Ochan however, advised Bobi Wine to file a case against police officers who have been suppressing engineering his concerts so far.

Last week government freed Bobi Wine to perform and organise concerts but under strict guidelines after legislators petitioned government to allow Hon. Kyagulanyi practice his profession arguing that whatever police is doing is out of law.

Rt. Hon Kadaga few days ago issued a directive to the internal affairs ministers Gen. Jeje Odongo to treat all concerts equally when clearing requirements as a sign of respect to Uganda’s Constitution.

According to the recent guidelines issued by police to be observed by event and concert organisers requires them to seek clearance from the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

They are required to state the expected number of revellers, their capacity to handle emergencies and available crowd control measures.

But Kadaga said that police cannot task concert organisers to start managing traffic flows, set up entrance and exit ways, availing sniffer dogs as well as having knowledge on the number of people expected to turn up for the show. Something she termed as illogical thinking.

In this year alone police have so far obstructed Bobi Wine performances in seven concerts.

Meanwhile, youth on Thursday also blocked roads protesting cancellation of Bobi Wine’s Boxing Day Kyalenga concert at one love each in Busabala Wakiso district.

A group of youth begun burning car tyres and logs blocking old Kira Road in Kamyokya and also in Katwe opposite Equity Bank related attempts were reported.

However, armed policemen and Soldiers responded by scattering the angry crowds, they were deployed to different parts around Kampala to cool down the situation.

In the other news Sophia Namutebi allies Mama Fiina pledged to reunite Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon during Bebe cool’s Tondeka Ekiwatule mutima gwa Zaabu music concert on Boxing Day.

Mama Fiina a renowned native doctor was one of the invited guests and she offered shs4m towards Bebe cool’s project of raising school fees for the underprivileged children’s to be able to attend school.

“I am ready to reconcile these 3 musicians”, there’s need for harmony between them because they started as very good friends. So they need to settle their differences and forgive each other.