Fred Enanga denies land grabbing allegations
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga denies land-grabbing allegations. File Photo

Police Officers were not involved in land grabbing, says Fred Enanga on land grabbing allegations

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga has denied allegations that he employed police officers to help his father in land grabbing. He denied using officers to help his father cement ownership of the four-square miles land found at Oreta village in Apac district.

Today on 16th October, Enanga was called before the commission lead counsel, Ebert Byenkya to explain allegations of using police to help his father, George Echonga grabs the land that is allegedly owned customary.

George Echonga who is accused of grabbing their Okabo clan land is a retired Superintendent of Police and father to the police spokesperson, Fred Enanga.

According to Enanga, the police vehicle was only used to carry officers to ensure there is security in case any wrangles and conflicts had arisen.

“It is not true police officers got involved in the surveying of land. Their presence was that in case of any breach of peace, they would help restore it,” Enanga implied before adding that the police’s presence had been requested for officially by his father George Echonga from the District Police Commander for Apac.

“We indeed contracted a private survey company but my father had indicated that following how our younger grandfather Naphter Enanga was interfering in activities of the land, he had to inform the area DPC to be present during the survey process.”

Fred Enanga is accused by Fred Orionzi, 33, of using police to force people off their land and also provide a police vehicle that was used by the surveyors who were doing private work for his father.

However, Enanga insisted that these are false accusations and referred the complainants to a report from the Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) that cleared him.

Last year, the Inspector General of Police Martin Ochola ordered PSU to investigate Enanga on threatening to evict people on the contentious land and using government facilities for his private benefits.

PSU’s report indicated that no clear signs were showing that Enanga was directly involved in any of the acts raised above thus declaring him free.

Meanwhile, Enanga said that his position in government has no part it played in the investigations on the reported allegations.

He added that all people are equal before the law and everyone must serve the same punishment if found guilty.

“Police is not different from other institutions as no one is above the law. You can see many senior officers have been dragged before the law,” Enanga said adding that further investigations can be made since all parties are still around.

“The best way to verify what I am is carrying out thorough investigations. Police are available and so is the clan head,” Enanga implied.

By John Dalton Kigozi