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Pr. Ssempa Criticises Bobi Wine’s New Song ‘Tuliyambala Engule’
Pastor bugembe uniting different parties in Tuliyambala engule song

Pastor Martin Sempa has continued his stand on the recently released ‘Tulyambala Engule’ song of Kyandondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and promised to petition Electoral Commission over the matter.

He argues that the song tears apart the meaning of the heavenly Jerusalem and now seeks Bobi Wine’s apology to the affected Christians community.

“The song creates a fake image instead of telling people the truth about Jerusalem. First of all, the song is that after the battle is over we will wear crowns, it’s from the Bible where Paul says I have run the race, I have finished the race, am ready to be powered out and now he has prepared me the crown of glory which God gives to those who love him,” pastor Sempa explaining the meaning of the song.

Adding that he has no issues with Bobi Wine’s political aims but his concern is misappropriating Godly message to advance his political ambitions. 

However, Bobi Wine reacted negatively towards pastor’s critics over his song saying that; “it demotivates him to see that pastors over look the other issues going on in the country including Corruption, assassinating women among others and come out to fight him in that matter.”

He further added that it sounds hypocritical for pastor to act that way and argued them to revise their action against him.

According to pastor Ssempa the new Jerusalem indicated in Bobi Wine’s new song is when he becomes the president and giving equal treatment to all people.

“For him he says the new Jerusalem is when he becomes the president and able to give treatment to the people. Two, the battle is not the battle of the pilgrim Christians but it’s a political campaign. Three, that Jerusalem is not the city that they are going to be in, the promised city he talks about but Bobi Wine is the exact city.”

And as result he wants Bobi Wine to Block the song or change it.

“I think he has to take it off, he has to apologise to all religious people who are offended in this country. This song we may not have the copyright but it’s in the domain of the Balokole. It’s known, it has been sung in Crusades from the 1950s and the 1970s it’s a Balokole song,” Ssempa asserted.

Tuliyambala Engule song has already gone viral on social media and an anthem to people power movement so far.

Now the question is what will happen next to the song which has no known copyright owner in case Bobi Wine refuses to pick up pastors call? and what will happen after he writes to Electoral Commission?

Besides Pastor Ssempa and Sserwanda’s critics over Bobi Wine’s song, Pastor Male has come up to defend Bobi Wine stating that there is no evil in singing about the challenges uncounted by Ugandans.

While in an interview on NBS Television Male argued that Tuliyambala Engule song is rallying Ugandans for patriotisms and so it’s not evil.

“When Bobi Wine sings a song, when does it become evil? Bobi Wine is singing about the injustices we have in this country. ‘Engule’ resonates with the challenges people face, murder, health care issues, injustices. Is he the first one to sing, what sin has he committed? He’s rallying people behind the cause. The bible mandates us to advocate for the weak and oppressed. We see politicians on a day to day basis quoting scriptures to drive their point home, why can’t Bobi Wine do the same? He questioned.