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Museveni: Government to establish industrial zones to fight unemployment

On Saturday 26th of January 2019, NRM marked 33 years of rule. While celebrating their years of existence in Tororo district, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the NRM leader also the president of Uganda stated that he does not want anyone to remind him what he hasn’t done yet.

President Museveni says he does not want any reminder from any person on what he has not yet done noting that he knows his obligations better than anyone else.

“I know my obligations and you don’t have to remind me. If you add up the kilometres of roads which are tarmacked, they are more than what is remaining. I know everything in my head so don’t waste your time reminding me,” president Museveni speaking at the ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

Relatedly, Museveni observed that it’s shocking for people to start reminding him of the little he hasn’t done yet before coming to power the country was in a poor state and because of NRM’s hard work the country has achieved quite a good level of development since 1986.

“1986, was a time when finally, the political thinkers and leaders who don’t believe in sectarianism gained upper hand and took over the country. I know a few roads are remaining to be tarmacked but before commenting about my obligations, first talk about yours,”

In addition, Museveni criticised leaders who point out his failures yet they have also failed to perform on their side. He says issues concerning youth unemployment are already on his table among others.

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A way from that Museveni also launched a 222 paged book stating UPE’s achievements and failures since 1997-2017 down the road.

In attendance of all education ministers since 1997 to date president Museveni said that during his 1996 presidential campaigns free education to all children was one of his projects but was degraded.

“I introduced the idea during 1996 campaigns and Ssemwogerere (Paul Kawangwa) laughed at me but I said God is there. We started UPE.”

But now UPE has greatly impacted on Ugandans where many underprivileged children have attended school.

“The ones who were laughing at me should come and see what has been done that 20yrs afterwards we tell the story of UPE,” Museveni noted.

Meanwhile, first lady Janet Kataha Museveni also the Minister of Education and Sports commended president Museveni for implementing his idea of free education to all saying that it has greatly affected the Uganda’s Education sector.

“We believe UPE has played a major role in transforming education in Uganda. It has enabled many children who may have not got opportunity to acquire education.”

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