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Prof Nawangwe: Kamunyu’s File Is Rotten Wherever He Has Been

Prof Nawangwe who is currently away for more than a week, sent an email to the university academic staff and top management saying that his problem is with MUASA chairperson Dr Deus Kamunyu but not with other Makerere Staff Associations.

His email was also meant to clarify claims that he is against Makerere university association including MASA & MUASA.

Prof Nawangwe, still in the email said that Dr Kamunyu’s bad conduct was also recorded several times by his immediate predecessor, Prof John Ddumba Ssentamu.

“My predecessor, Prof John Ddumba Ssentamu gave a written warning to Dr Deus Kamunyu Muhwenzi for activities that tarnished the reputation of the University and colleagues.”

Nawangwe claims that in many instances he warned and counselled Kamunyu over his crimes but he paid a deaf ear to his counsel and instead went on with his bad actions, an act that was displeasing.

“His intention was obviously to make the university ungovernable,”

In addition, he said that he instituted a committee to make inquiries regarding Kamunyu’s conduct not as MUASA chairperson but as an individual.

Prof Nawangwe still holds out that Dr Kamunyu was suspended not as MUASA chairperson but for his personal crimes.

Adding that Kamunyu was fired from Makerere University Business School (MUBS) over illegal activities intending to fail the institution’s governance.

“He was suspended for his personal offences and these were clearly highlighted in his letter of suspension. Those offences are well known to everybody in the University,” says Prof Nawangwe.

“Dr Deus Kamunyu Muhwenzi was dismissed from MUBS for his activities that made that institution ungovernable.”

This followed recent staff sacking including Kamunyu himself at Makerere University where Kamunyu attacked Prof Nawangwe over his actions.

And now, this is the second week ever since staff laid down tools following suspension of their chair Dr Deus Kamunyu.