Fresh Kid social media accounts
Fresh Kid’s new management opens new social media accounts for him after Manager Francis deleted old accounts. Photo/Facebook

Rapper Fresh Kid’s new management opens new social media accounts for him after Manager Francis deleted all content from old accounts

Since Fresh Kid changed management from De Texas of Director Francis to MC Events under Manager Eddie, they encountered ups and downs. These included Francis Kamoga refusing to hand over Fresh Kid’s passport, social media accounts and confiscating some of his shoes and clothes.

In an interview with MC Events manager, Fresh Kid’s new management, there seems to have been shades of shoulders on the social media pages he used while still in old management.

According to MC Events, they have talked to Manager Kamoga to hand over Fresh Kid social media pages but he has gone on tossing them around as he did before.

“We have tried, but in vain because what he majorly based on was the kid’s accounts…we gave up on them because he deleted, all the content was withheld. We started up new accounts and I want to give them out to his followers…Its manager Francis who has been in charge of them, “sa

“Whoever wishes to follow Fresh Kid please just search for ‘I am Fresh Kid Ug’ for all his social media platforms.”

He admitted that the old accounts had never been used, since Manager Francis refused them access, so he eventually deleted them.

“We had not uploaded any content yet because we weren’t the official admins. So we didn’t add anything. He deleted all the old contented. The old accounts which helped the kid no longer exist, we always asked him to show us someone in charge of them but he’s always busy, “Manager

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US Tour Cancelled: What’s next for Fresh Kid and his manager

In trying to reach manager Kamoga Francis, he denied saying it’s the new management which hacked into these accounts so he didn’t know what they were all about.

“Hum…I don’t understand what you are talking about, they are the people who hacked into these accounts and now asking me. They shared these things with some people…Aaah I don’t want to get back to past stories, am now on new things, Manager Francis assured.

The past has not left manager Francis in a happy state; he says he doesn’t want to know anything about this young local rapper and his new management.

“I don’t want to know anything connected to them. They already did a lot to me, now there is nothing much I want to hear concerning them. He is free to spread his stories; it’s okay. I am ready for anything. Imagine someone new in the industry not even a month or two but so wordy

Kamoga accused the new manager of abusing him and failing to conclude with someone who was in charge of Fresh Kid social media accounts.

“He even calls to abuse me saying am stupid and how the kid got rid of me. Many things but I just keep calm… And I wasn’t the one with the accounts, I got them to the person who was in charge but they failed to understand each other, “Manager Kamoga.

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