best restaurants you can find in Mbarara

Mbarara city offers a wide variety of good restaurants, and this is probably the most asked question by first-time visitors.

Just as Mbarara city has been developing over the years, it has led to an increase in the number of places where you can eat both local and international dishes.

Here is a list of the best restaurants you can find in Mbarara.

Agip Motel Mbarara

Agip Motel Mbarara

Agip Motel is the best place to eat for anyone passing through or stopping in Mbarara because of its great location, variety of amenities, high standard of service, and professionalism.

Guests looking for something to eat can visit the restaurant and order breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Additionally, there’s an onsite bar/lounge which offers the perfect spot to grab a drink at the end of the day.

Aside from food, Agip motel also offers rooms for accommodation at affordable rates. Guests will enjoy available hotel amenities during their stay at the motel. These include free WiFi, parking space, bathrooms with showers and basic toiletries plus comfortable bedding.

Ben’s Organic Restaurant

The restaurant is located behind the “Crafts Shop”, Mbarara – Masaka Rd, Mbarara.

It has one of the cleanest kitchens in Mbarara town. Their food is healthy and organic. It mostly constitutes of fresh juices and traditional African cuisines.

The waiters and waitresses here are very professional. Guests can ask about the meals and expect answers especially as regards their preparation. This is one of the most affordable/cheap restaurants in Mbarara city.

Café Havana

Café Havana Mbarara town

Five minutes from Mbarara town is Café Havana, which is located in Fort Coleb off Ntare Road. They have the tastiest meals and drinks in Mbarara’s downtown. 

With a variety of fresh fruit juices and smoothies like Banana and pineapple smoothies and the mango/passion fruit mix, guests will enjoy every bit of it. 

They also prepare halal food, desserts, and their renowned cocktail selection. Their food is not tasty but it’s served on time. Coffee lovers must check out this place as well. 

Although Café Havana is quite expensive, the quality is excellent. Visitors are well taken care of at this restaurant. You can stop by anytime to enjoy their delectable cuisine. 

Café Havana also provides catering and outdoor sitting. They welcome reservations, so visitors can feel free to do so in advance.

Shaheen Restaurant

Shaheen Restaurant mbarara

On the Nakumatt Building, Buremba Road, Mbarara, Uganda is where you can find Shaheen Restaurant.

This restaurant serves mostly Indian cuisine meals. Guests can order meals like chicken tikka as well as matooke, garlic naan, biryani rice with beans, and a lot more.

It offers a pool table and other activities inside, and its rooftop patio has a beautiful view of the city. Make this your stopover the next time you’re in Mbarara city. You’ll love it.

Kanuzire Pork Joint

Do you love eating deep-fried pork or roasted pork? Kanuzire pork joint is located in Mbarara Rugazi after the Aids information center in Mbarara.

Guests here can order their favorite meal, served hot and on time. The pork joint also provides both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks when requested.

And, unlike most pork joints in Mbarara city, these are clean and offer well-cooked pork at a fair price.

Food Mart Restaurant

One of the top eateries in the city is this one. It offers excellent service, a friendly wait staff that is well-groomed, a wide selection of coffee, ice cream, and pastries, as well as skilled chefs and baristas. They do provide door-to-door delivery and outside catering.

Baguma Restaurant Mbarara

Baguma Restaurant Mbarara

Do you love local dishes that aren’t too spicy? Baguma restaurant in Mbarara prepares the best local dishes. Their menu includes rice, matooke, pumpkin, boiled beef, goat’s meat, katogo, and chicken among other tasty local foods.

The staff is always ready to serve you the moment you arrive. Additionally, when a food order is placed, it’s brought to the customer’s table in time. Their cuisine is good and affordable. Plus, they provide a drink with your meal.

Curry in a Hurry (City Top)

The appearance and atmosphere at this restaurant are standard. The food is what will keep you coming back for more. 

The best Indian restaurant in Mbarara, maybe. It is highly handy for travelers who may just be passing through or staying in the city because it is located right in the center of the town. 

The chicken, mutton, and fish curries are delicious. Service is adequate. The food is fantastic here.

Lake View Resort Hotel Mbarara

A short drive from the Mbarara Golf Club in Boma is the four-star Lake View Resort hotel in Mbarara. It’s a boutique hotel situated in the district’s most tourist-friendly region. 

Their hotel is fashionable and welcoming and offers convenient accommodations for both leisure and business travelers.

The staff at Lake View Resort Mbarara offers warm, competent service, delectable Ugandan and international cuisine, and refreshing drinks in a chic, tranquil setting.

At the hotel, guests are given free parking space, free WiFi, and full-blown room service, enhanced by an option to order food and beverages at any time.

New Classic Hotel Mbarara

The new classic Hotel is located on the high street of Mbarara.

Recent renovations have been made to the NEW Classic Hotel’s interior. The hotel offers a high level of comfort because of its first-rate amenities and helpful staff.

The hotel is also close to popular tourist destinations and cultural places. Their crew is bilingual in English and is friendly to customers.

The hotel has a dining area where several Ugandan dishes and drinks can be savored. Food is brought on time at this restaurant and it’s quite affordable too.


These are the best restaurants offering the best food in Mbarara city. They serve both international and Ugandan cuisines. Customers can walk in for lunch and even dinner. 

We can’t promise perfection when you visit these restaurants but we promise you good service and good food. So, the next time you’re in Mbarara city make it a point to visit one or two of these restaurants.