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Ronald Alimpa aka olusuku lwa cement

Who is Ronald Alimpa? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, family, tribe, music, album, songs, net worth, Olusuku lwa Cement, girlfriend and relationship with Lady Grace, Alimpa Ronald, Ragga Fire, car accident, early life and education of a Ugandan recording artist.

Ronald Alimpa is a singer, songwriter, and folk recording artist from Uganda.

He is well-known for his hit single Olusuku lwa Cement, Africa Weather, which went viral on Tiktok and social media in Uganda, gaining the artist’s national attention.

Early life and Education

Ronald Alimpa was born in 1994 in Wakiso District, Uganda, where he grew up with his siblings before moving to Kampala for his music career.

He comes from a family of five, with Alimpa being the firstborn and only son. However, it is said that they were raised by a single mother because their father never took an active role in their lives.

Ronald Alimpa studied in Wakiso, where he completed his primary education before enrolling in high school, where the artist dropped out.

Career and Professional Work Experience

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Ronald Alimpa began singing in 2018 and released his first record, Abaafuna, in 2019. It was remixed by Spice Diana in March 2020, introducing the artist to the Ugandan music scene.

Ronald Alimpa released his popular hit African Weather, also known as Olusuku Lwa Cement, in 2020, but the video was not released until March 23, 2022, after the song went viral in Uganda on TikTok.

Ronald Alimpa’s song African Weather, popularly known as Olusuku lwa Cement, is similar to Radio and Weasel’s recently released song African Time, causing outrage that he had copied the song. 

Alimpa, on the other hand, claims that his song is an original work that he created and that the similarities in sound are purely coincidental.

Ronald Alimpa released a new single titled Kabaka Antumye in June, which is a traditional song dedicated to Buganda and its cultural leader, the ‘Kabaka.’

Ronald Alimpa’s music genres include Afrobeat and Afro Folk, which are popular among Ugandans. His pop hit singles Olusuku lwa Cement and Mazzi Ga Bore are both Afro Folk songs.

Achievements and Awards

According to reports, Ronald Alimpa’s net worth is UGX 45 million, and he is expecting to earn more than UGX 26 million in 2022, after his song went viral in Uganda, debuting at the top of Uganda’s YouTube channel.


  • Lusuku Lwa Cement (2022)


  • Seen Don (2022)
  • Mazzi Ga Bore (2022)
  • Kabaka Antumye (2022)
  • Namukoowa (2022)
  • Onkumye (2022)
  • Omusango (2022)
  • Abafuna (2022)


Ronald Alimpa has been dating a Ugandan social star for over two years. The couple, on the other hand, have kept their relationships private by keeping their dates and meetings away from media access and attention.


ronald alimpa car accident

Ronald Alimpa aka Seen Don was involved in a car accident on Thursday, September 29 that killed fellow musician Lady Grace in Luwero District at Namakata along the Semuto-Matuga road.

Alimpa Ronald, Ragga Fire, the manager, and others were critically injured and later rushed to Mulago hospital for treatment by Hassan Nduga, a fellow artist. According to reports, Alimpa Ronald’s legs were broken into pieces and he is currently in the hospital.

Alimpa’s family members caused a commotion in the hospital’s ward 7 on 30 September evening when they forcibly discharged him, claiming he had been abandoned and was not receiving the medication he deserved. They complained that his situation was only getting worse.

In October 2022, while on his sickbed, the singer is said to have cursed, insulted and nearly hit his mother for attempting to stop his friends from supplying him with toxic substances.

Alimpa’s close friends allegedly wanted to supply him with weed to smoke, which his mother had forbidden him from doing. As a result, the singer lost his cool and requested that his wife take care of him instead of his mother.

Sylvia Namutebi, popularly known as Mama Fina, the leader of traditional healers, has given up on ailing singer Ronald Alimpa after he allegedly insulted his mother and prevented her from caring for him.

Mama Fina withdrew her medical support and all other benefits that she had been providing to Alimpa during a phone interview with Spark TV after being asked to comment on the “Sean Don” singer’s feud with his mother.

Ronald Alimpa has greatly improved since being transferred to a traditional bonesitter (TBS) in Gayaza, but it hasn’t stopped his tears. 

He alleged that he had cancelled all local bookings in November and October due to the enthusiasm of a once-in-a-lifetime performance in London which was to happen on November 10th, 2022/ However, the date found him hospitalized and still on crutches.

Ronald Alimpa’s music career hasn’t been going well since he rose to fame. He was initially accused of stealing songs, but other charges surfaced after he ate the money and failed to appear at certain concerts, prompting him to flee.

Whatever happened to Alimpa as a young boy, according to Abdul Mulaasi, was not normal. Abdul claims that his former manager may have done certain things to him after he invested heavily and the singer let him down.

Alimpa stated in an interview with a local YouTuber that he heard Kasuku claim that he got into trouble because he took a monkey to Zilu Island, Buvuma.

In a phone conversation with Kasuku, a man named Baziliyo revealed that Alimpa and his group ran into trouble after defying norms and taking a monkey to Zilu Island. 

While they were smoking weed, locals informed them that monkeys and sheep are not permitted on the island.

When they insisted, they let them go with their monkeys but warned them of the consequences. Alimpa, who was lying in a hospital bed in pain, interrupted his mother and lashed out at Kasuku. He called him stupid and brainless before declaring that he had faded.

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