queen elizabeth national park safari camps

From private tented camps to hotel-style family lodges, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a variety of accommodations. We offer a carefully selected collection of safari camps in Uganda’s biggest big game park-Queen Elizabeth National Park-that will inspire you and make planning your safari in Uganda a breeze.

You can choose from a variety of accommodations in Queen Elizabeth National Park, including private tented camps and hotel-style family lodges

Our collection of carefully selected safari camps will inspire you and make planning your Uganda safari so much fun if you’re planning an African safari in Uganda’s most accessible big game safari park, the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kasenyi Safari Camp

kasenyi safari camp uganda

Kasenyi Safari Camp is situated in the northern portion of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The owners purposefully constructed it near the beginning of safari routes that are abundant with large savannah game species. 

The camp’s numerous regular visitors, including lion prides, hippos, leopards, buffalo, elephants, waterbuck, kob, hyenas, and warthogs, will keep guests on their toes during their stay.

Kasenyi Safari Camp is located on the outskirts of Lake Bunyampaka. This Salt Lake provides the campgrounds with picturesque views of the lake’s flamingo-coloured beaches and the northern plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The safari lodge features eight safari tents suspended above the ground and facing the Salt Lake, each with its own bathroom, wide living space, and terrace.  

The most distinctive feature is the main lounge and dining space, which is decorated in an African style and suspends you in a modern African safari experience without causing you to lose touch with their roots.

Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp 

Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp is located near Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Kyambura escarpment. If you’re looking for budget friendly accommodation, Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp is a great option for you. 

This camp is constructed from local materials, and its roofs are thatched with dried papyrus. Due to the enormous size of this property, camping is permitted with access to shared restrooms and toilets. There are also a number of self-contained rooms with their own supply of both hot and cold running water.

This camp offers a variety of lodging options, including tents, cottages, and bandas. You will be able to observe several animals, including warthogs and elephants, in its proximity. On a clear day, visitors can glimpse the majestic Rwenzori Mountain. 

In this cheap lodging, you will experience comfort and pleasure.

This camp provides tasty meals that are prepared by trained personnel. The staff is always kind and eager to assist guests. They are committed to ensuring that your stay is both pleasant and memorable. 

Lake Chibwera Camp

Lake Chibwera Camp queen elizabeth

Located on the southwest border of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, this lodging unit is comprised of bandas constructed in the traditional African style and furnished with local materials. 

The camp is in close proximity to the lake Chibwera and offers spectacular views of the lake and extensive Savannah vegetation in the riverine forest.

Kyambura Tented Camp

Kyambura Tented Camp queen elizabeth

Kyambura Tented Camp is a good place to stay on your visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park. On the fringes of Kyambura gorge, popularly known as the “big valley of apes,” is where the camp is located. 

The camp provides nice bandas with private facilities. The staff is really hospitable and sensitive to the demands of travellers.

The camp offers panoramic views of the huge Rwenzori mountains, commonly known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’, and the expansive plains of Queen Elizabeth.

Ishasha Ntungwe river camp

Ishasha Ntungwe river camp is a well-established campsite built to give pleasant accommodations and a reliable supply of hot water. 

Two elevated tents are situated along the Ntungwe river, while five luxury tents are located a short distance from the riverbank.

The tent camp, which is located just outside the park in the Ishasha region, is a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly alternative. It offers a tranquil nature experience in the Ishasha region of Queen Elizabeth Park, close to elephant tracks. 

It is modestly priced and overlooks the Ntungwe River. There are various options and rates vary depending on whether you are near the riverbank or higher up.

En-suite tents with solar-heated water and a well-stocked bar are provided for your comfort.

Each tent has a little veranda where you can relax and enjoy the sunset, early evening, or early dawn with a cup of coffee roasted with beans from the neighbouring Rwenzori Mountains.

Wild Tracks Overland Campsite

Wild Tracks Overland Campsite

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors by camping and sleeping in your own tent. Wild Tracks Overland Campsite in Kasese provides all of the above and more for adventurers and backpackers. 

This lodging includes safari tents, cottages, and campsites for guests interested in the great outdoors.

Beds in cabins are equipped with curtains to ward against insects, especially during the wet season. In addition to offering tasty meals, this campsite also provides free Wi-Fi, on-site dining, and a bar.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ishasha Wilderness Camp - Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Ishasha section in the park’s southwest is one of the most tranquil regions. The Ishasha Wilderness Camp provides authentic tent camping without sacrificing comfort or style. 

At the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the banks of the Ishasha River, the camp merges in nicely with its natural surroundings.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp, which overlooks the Ntungwe River, was constructed using canvas, wood, and thatched roofs to blend in with the surrounding forest. The camp has a central area with a comfortable lounge, bar, eating area, balcony, and even a library. 

Guests have the option of eating their meals in the dining room, on the veranda, or in their own tents. The food is of extraordinarily excellent quality, with both traditional Ugandan and European-style dishes prepared whenever feasible with local ingredients. 

In addition, there is complimentary Wi-Fi in the lounge, where you may rest in the comfortable armchairs and observe the exquisite local artefacts that adorn the room.

Each of the ten individual canvas tents is positioned to provide a spectacular view of the nearby hippos and elephant herds from their verandas. They are designed in the Meru style of East Africa and are spacious and pleasant. 

Each tent features an en suite bathroom with eco-friendly toilets and showers to reduce the environmental effect of the camp, as well as solar panels to power the tents.

Kazinga Wilderness Safari Camp

Kazinga Wilderness Safari Camp

Nestled in Kasese, about a 20-minute drive from the Queen’s Pavilion, this safari camp features rooms equipped with heaters, safes and private bathrooms. 

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, coffee and tea-making facilities, and a refrigerator as well as guest toiletries, bath sheets, and a shower cap in the bathroom. There are beds available with hypoallergenic pillows.

Ruboni Community Camp

Ruboni Community Camp

Ruboni Community Camp is located at the entrance to Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Kasese. This camp is great for budget-conscious travellers. 

The camp provides a variety of self-contained bandas, rooms with natural finishings, or the option to rent or pitch your own tent, with hot showers in each case. Each bed has a mosquito net, and the rooms are illuminated by hydroelectricity.

Little Elephant Camp

Little Elephant Camp

Located on the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Little Elephant Camp is a tented safari camp surrounded by beautiful Savannah grasslands. The slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains provide the camp with an ideal backdrop.

From the comfort of your luxurious tent, you can take in the sights and sounds of the National Park and its abundant birdlife. For a relaxing and enjoyable stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Little Elephant Camp provides all the amenities you may possibly need. 

One of the amenities that Little Elephant Camp provides for its visitors is a private glamping camp. The camp is suitable for couples, families, and small groups.

Each private camp is equipped with a kitchen, dining tent, en-suite sleeping tent, solar lighting, USB charging, Wi-Fi, an outdoor BBQ/grill, and a bonfire. These amenities are not shared with other visitors, so you won’t have to worry about other guests intruding on your space here.