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Sam Kuteesa Was Cleared Over Corruption But MPs Still Dissatisfied

Members of parliament still demand Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa to avail himself before parliament to give his stand on the ongoing bribery case of $500.000 he was allegedly involved in the United States with a Chinese investor.

This was after William Byaruhanga the Attorney General revealed to parliament that Hon. Kutesa has no case to answer. He says he conducted his investigation as instructed by the fountain of honour and the findings were that Kutesa is not guilty in this corruption case.

“It’s true that Hon. Kutesa’s name is mentioned in the indictment, and featured in the course of the trial, he was or is not an accused or suspect in any criminal matter, closed or ongoing,” Byaruhanga explained to the house.

However, after Byaruhanga’s statement MPs were dissatisfied saying that government is trying to cover up Kutesa’s crimes.

“The state may appear to be still very stale because we expected the attorney general to present what is ongoing, what is the status of the foreign Affairs minister who is actually our chief diplomat and in charge of insuring our foreign policies,” Lyandra Komakech MP Gulu municipality.

And according to Ssekikubo MP Lwemiyaga county Hon. Kutesa should admit his crime committed and serve his term in jail.

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“The only thing Hon. Kutesa can do to this country is to walk to the US and hand over himself to the authorities to serve his term. Because whatever he did; there was no sanctioning by government, no sanctioning by parliament and no sanctioning by the people of Uganda for whom he was sitting in that office of United Nations General Assembly. He did it as a person and therefore, he is not allowed to go down to everybody,” Ssekikubo stated.

He added that the only thing Kutesa should do is to take in his mistake and ask for forgiveness.

“To say I am sorry because you can always run but you cannot hide. The more he attempts to hide his foot marks the more he gets caught up,” according to Lwemiyaga county MP Ssekikubo.

Meanwhile, Eric Musana MP buyaga East said Hon. Kutesa should appear in parliament personal and explain to the public how it happened, arguing that the country is waiting to get first-hand information from him.

“We would like to see Kutesa who is very rare in parliamentary proceedings explaining to the country,” noted Musana.

This arrived at a time when parliament was preparing to censure the Foreign Minister Hon. Kutesa over corruption allegations in the US.