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If you think all is well in Team No sleep Music crew which is made up of Sheebah Kalungi, Roden Y Kabako among others, then you should think twice because the latest news coming out from the music crew sounds opposite.

Latest news indicates that their lead singer Sheebah Kalungi developed misunderstandings with her boss and bonkmate Jeff Kiwa over sleeping with other girls within Team No Sleep and that resulted in the flop of her recent listeners party when she was launching her album “Karma Queen”.

The “Akusse” hit maker accuses her manager Kiwa of sleeping with Nina Roz also former Sheebah’s girl friend. According to an insider, Sheebah this week threatened to leave TNS if they do not dissolve the misunderstandings where she suggests dismissing Nina Roz from Team No sleep and also her status as the “Queen of the Area” in the music group is maintained.

Like many other big artists in Uganda, Sheebah Kalungi’s performance has not been good compared to other years and this has caused her a lot of panic. But the question remains; what does the future hold for Sheebah just incase she quits?
We will keep you posted.