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Sheikh Muzaata begs Bryan White to support him financially

Controversial city Sheikh Muzaata Batte has officially come out in our latest Uganda news to beg money bags Brian Kirumira also popularly known as Bryan White for financial help like he has helped the rest of the people most especially artistes and comedians. After Bryan White setting tough rules and regulations that guide and protect the ‘podium’ which forced several artistes to vacate the podium, Muzaata seems like he is interested in obeying the rules of presenting his academic documents, writing a Curriculum Vitae among others.

Sheikh Muzaata begs Bryan White to support him financially
Bryan white has given several artistes money

Another condition that was set by the money bags was to leave all the private work done by anyone at the podium and only concentrate on the work of Bryan White Foundation. It’s not yet clear whether Sheikh Muzaata will admit to leave his role as a Muslim and concentrate on Bryan White Foundation.

Besides Sheikh Muzaata’s interests to join the podium, the city sociallite is rumored to be financially struggling which has partly contributed to the departure of several artistes from the podium. These artistes are no longer seen at Bryan White’s Munyonyo home where they would go and eat free food, have free expensive drinks, free money and have rides in the luxurious fleet of expensive cars owned by White.

Fired celebrities from the Podium start war against Bryan White
Madrat and Chiko have come out to complain

Comedians Madrat and Chiko confirmed their departure from the podium this week claiming that the rich man mistreats and disrespects celebrities because he has the money.

We shall keep you posted here at Flash Uganda media.

By Paul Wetaase.

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