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contribute to the Oulanyah Education Fund
Jacob Oulanyah sponsored up to 101 students at Seroma Christian school at the time of his death.

Speaker Anita Among appealed to Members of Parliament on Sunday to contribute to the Jacob Oulanyah Education Fund as she addressed mourners at the residence of the late Jacob Oulanyah in Muyenga.

While addressing mourners at the late Jacob Oulanyah’s residence in Muyenga on Sunday, Speaker Anita Among urged Members of Parliament to contribute to the Jacob Oulanyah Education Fund.

At the time of his death, the fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah was sponsoring up to 101 students at Seroma Christian school.

With fears that their education may be left in limbo after Oulanyah’s death, the students raised an outcry to Government, particularly the current Speaker Anita Among to step into the gap of supporting them.

In response, Among who rose to air her remarks in honour of the deceased called upon all people of good to contribute to the Education Trust Fund that has been set up to support the many children Oulanyah was supporting in School.

The purpose of the fund according to Among is to support the children of the late Speaker and all those he was paying fees for to continue their education. 

“The children of Jacob, we want to pledge to you, we as Parliament of Uganda we have an additional responsibility towards Jacob’s children. You are our children as Parliament.”

“I want to appeal to all people of good to contribute to the Jacob Oulanyah Education Trust Fund that has been set up to support the many children he has been supporting in School,” Among said before reiterating her love for Oulanyah.

Among said whenever Oulanyah would fall sick, she would always pray for him. She, however, raised that he died after achieving his long time dream of being a Speaker of Parliament.

“Whenever Jacob would be down, me and Rev. Shimanya would go and cry in Jacob’s Office and ask God, please save Jacob. She (Rev Shimanya) would be there praying for Jacob all the time.”

“I would like to thank the NRM CEC Members. Jacob wanted to be the Speaker of Parliament and the CEC Members made Jacob Speaker. Thank you for making Jacob achieve his dream,” she added.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo who is the Chief overseer of the Trust Fund assured mourners that he will not allow any contributions to be channelled into doing other things.

“We’ve come up with Jacob Oulanyah education trust fund.Those who were being sponsored by Jacob will continue to pursue their education up to their highest level. I give you the assurance that not even a single coin will be put to wrong use under my watch,” Dollo assured.

“We have set up the Jacob Oulanyah education trust fund which I am privileged to chair. It is our vow , our determination that Oulanyah’s children may not be able to see him now, but their dreams , pursuit of education will continue as if he was alive,” he added.