Speaker Kadaga warns MPs on leaking secrets to Museveni
Speaker Kadaga warns MPs on leaking secrets to Museveni

Speaker Kadaga warned MPs against leaking parliamentary issues to the president.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebbecca Alitwala Kadaga has issued a warning to legislators against communicating directly with the president on matters concerning parliament.

Kadaga informed legislators that it’s the Speaker’s responsibility to inform the president on matters happening at Parliament, not individual legislators.

Kadaga says she has received a numbery of reports implicating some legislators.

“I have received some evidence that some of you chairpersons have communicated with the head of State on matters of this House without informing me or even consulting me,” Kadaga said.

Speaker Kadaga, however, vowed to deal with errant legislators on this matter.

“The Speaker is the only person authorised to speak on behalf of the House. Matters of this House which has not even been discussed and you sit and file them to the president, am cautioning members if it happens again you will see what will happen to you,” Kadaga warned.

Away from leaking parliamentary business to the president, Speaker Rebbecca Kadaga ruled out the controversy between Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) and Ministry of Finance.

“Under the Solvency Act Honourable Members, the supervisor of the Administrator is the High Court.”

Speaker Kadaga also reasoned out why she cannot institute a select committee of parliament to conduct inquiries on issues concerning UTL.

“As indicated earlier, the High Court is the supervisor of the Administrator. Is not the Parliament not the Executive can take unilateral action in relation to this insolvency,” Kadaga clarified?”