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As you will see in this article, any person who wants to add a link to an Instagram story must first meet some basic but large requirements. FILE PHOTO

Instagram is an amazing platform for a variety of reasons. It is easy to connect with friends, keep up with news, and perhaps most importantly, advertise and promote one’s business. 

No wonder it has over 1.4 billion users! For those that use Instagram, they sometimes see users implement a link on their Instagram stories that simply requires the viewer to swipe up. 

This then takes them right to whatever website is linked. It is a smooth and simple feature. But how does someone add those links?

This article by Flash Uganda Media discusses some of the requirements one must meet before adding a link to Instagram stories. The requirements come in two forms: the first is ”number of followers” and the second is ”account verification”.

The first is having over 10,000 followers. The account can be a business or creator one, but the 10,000 milestones must be reached. This is quite a tough task for a small business just starting out, but there are plenty of tips online for how to grow an account. 

The other way is being verified. Verification has to go through the Instagram team, so it is entirely up to them. Unless you are a celebrity or politician, it will be quite difficult. Once you meet one of these requirements, you add links to your Instagram story.

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Open the Stories button

Open the Stories button on Instagram story

Make sure you are logged into the account you wish to add the links for. Once that is done, tap the stories icon. This will bring up the menu and the rest of the UI. 

This should be the simplest and easiest step for anyone.

Select a photo/background or video

background or video instagram

This is the creative step. As the owner of the account, you can select the appropriate and suitable image or video for your story. If you have a business account and want to link your website, an image of your product would be the best option. 

This lets the viewer know what sort of products and merchandise you will have available. You can also choose a simple background. 

Instagram offers plenty of them for owners to utilize. Videos are also a great option. They can include audio, short yet interesting video shorts, or something funny and relatable. 

If you choose a video, you can do a lot with it. On top of all these options, you can add GIFs, stickers, and other quirky things to your Instagram stories.

Link-to-Your-Instagram-Story-Select the link icon and paste

Once your decision has been made for the story, it is time to add the link. In order to do it, all you must do is tap the link icon in the middle, towards the top of the screen. This should look like a small clip. 

After this, a menu should pop up. There is an empty box below the “Swipe Up Link” part of the menu, and this allows you to paste whatever link you want in it.

Finish and Post

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After all the previous steps are accomplished, all you must do is finish and post the story. On iOS; tap “Done” to post the story and link. 

On Android, tap on the checkmark. You now have a swipe-up link on your Instagram story.