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Sudan To Organise Elections In 2 Years Time Following Overturn Of Omar Al-Bashir’s Regime
Awad Ibn Auf led the capture of power from Bashir

Early Thursday, a leading political figure in Sudan’s Communist party, Awad Abdel-Bayen said the military takeover of power is a new beginning in Sudan.

And now the military assisted by some civilian are to take over government for the next two years before elections are organised, a decision arrived at following talks held between the two parties.

The declaration was made by the defence minister Awad Mohammed Ibn in his first announcement that indicated Bashir’s overthrow and arrest by military forces after four months of protest against his bad governance and dictatorship.

This pronouncement followed his first announcement of an “Important statement,” on Thursday that was issued on the State TV, by the military forces after chasing out all State TV workers and took over work at the station.

While at the station they played victory songs marking their win over Bashir’s’ regime.

“I announce as Minister of Defence the toppling of the regime and detaining it’s chief in a secure place.”

Ibn added that after the two years are gone. “free and fair elections” will be held in Sudan.

Ibn said that a state of emergency has been instituted for the next three months ahead, alongside suspension of the Constitution, all government bodies, closed borders and the Sudan airspace.

The transitional military council has been chosen to lead Sudan led by the military and assisted by some civilians for a period of two years after elections will be held.

He continues to state that a night curfews has been imposed and the government and presidency dismissed.

Before agreeing to share leadership, civilians who led the protest had said “We want a civilian transitional government in place.” According to them a civilian transitional government would be the best, because they wanted a total disappearance of Bashir’s government.

These leading protestors and organisers of Sudan protests had rejected the military takeover of power, thought they are the ones who forced Bashir out of office.

Some social media activists had said military should not take over the rule “no to the military rule and the “revolution continues.”

They had vowed to push forward the protests if at all military was to rule the country.

So, it’s still unclear whether protests will continue after power is shared.

And now thousands of Sudanese are on the streets of Khartoum and other areas celebrating their victory.

Protestors who were arrested and jailed following demonstrations, that has lasted for nearly four months have been released.