herbert mendo ssegujja
Teacher Mpamire, also known as Herbert Mendo Ssegujja

Who is Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, aka Teacher Mpamire? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, family, tribe, comedy, YouTube, net worth, girlfriend and relationship with Carol Barekye, Mendo Museveni, Salvado, Pablo, and Anne Kansiime, the early life and education of an award-winning stand-up comedian.

Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, also known as Teacher Mpamire and Mendo Museveni, is an award-winning stand-up comedian, host, high school teacher, public speaker, director of stand-up comedy, and actor from Uganda.

He is well-known for his impersonation of Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, which helped him gain popularity in East Africa.

Early life and Education

Teacher Mpamire, also known as Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, was born in Mukono, Uganda, on September 27, 1983. He is engaged to Carol Barekye, his long-term girlfriend. The traditional introduction ceremony to her parents took place in December 2016.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ssegujja has a personal designer who measures and tailors his comedic attire.

He began his education at Bbowa primary school, from which he graduated to Bbowa secondary school. Later, he attended Greenlight High School in Namasuba, Zana.

Ssegujja earned a bachelor of arts in education from Kyambogo University. He eventually attended Makerere University and majored in drama.

He was admitted to the American Comedy Institute, where he studied comedy performance and writing after being sponsored by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Career and Professional Work Experience

teacher mpamire biography age
Ssegujja playing Museveni

Ssegujja works as a teacher at Standard High School in Zana, about 10 kilometers (6 miles) southwest of Kampala’s city center.

While there, he had the opportunity to teach alongside Arthur Mpamire, his former Greenlight High European History teacher, on whom he based his stage name and character.

He has staged his shows in Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, and other African countries. He also performs in the Fun Factory’s weekly comedy shows at Kampala’s National Theatre.

Teacher Mpamire began his comic career in 2012 at National Theatre, where he performed weekly in the Fun Factory group before launching his comic videos and popular character Teacher Mpamiire.

Teacher Mpamire began impersonating President Museveni in 2012, initially at small functions before exploding to stardom in the 2016 general elections.

After local comedians like Salvado, Pablo, and Anne Kansiime, Teacher Mpamire is one of the few Ugandan comedians to make it to the international stage. The Churchill Show in Kenya was arguably his most important international stage.

Achievements and Awards

In 2015, Teacher Mpamire won Best Comedian at the Youth Expo Stand-up Comedy Awards. In 2016, he won Discovery of the Year at the Africa Youth Awards held in Accra, Ghana.

In 2016, he also won the Comedian of the Year Rising Star Award and StarQT Awards. 

Net worth

mendo ssegujja teacher mpamire

In 2021, Teacher Mpamire earned UGX 30 million, one of his highest earning years, and has a net worth of 350 million Ugandan shillings. 

He is expected to earn more than 35 million Ugandan shillings in 2022, making it one of his highest earning years in terms of annual earnings.

He has over 250,000 YouTube subscribers, 769,608 Facebook followers, and 70,000 Instagram followers, which is why he is being sought after by various brands looking for exposure.

On March 25, 2021, Mpamire confirmed his selection as Kikuubo Online’s brand ambassador. Kikuubo Online is an online supermarket and wholesaler. Through the Kikuubo website or a free app that is offered in the Google Play store and the App store, customers can shop with them.

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